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Web Analytics Solutions

We are dedicated to providing marketing services that are tailored to your business and your goals. That’s why we continually monitor the progress of all marketing campaigns so we can adapt and make changes to achieve optimal results. We also provide ongoing reports and frequently touch base with each one of our clients. We emphasize complete transparency – you own your own data and can access your accounts at any time.

How can we help?

We offer a variety of measurement services and customized reports based on your level of expertise and business goals.

Ongoing analytics reports – From Google Analytics to more advanced analytics platforms, our team members are certified in Google Analytics and excited to help you get the most from your data. We create custom analytics reports that are designed to give you the information you need about your website, your customers, and your goals. Reports are straight-forward and actionable, and designed to give you information you can use to make real changes to your website – and get results!

Google Analytics training – Want to keep your analytics reporting efforts in-house? We can provide training to your team based on exactly what metrics you want to see and level of expertise. We can create custom tracking and dashboards for your team and provide training that is as in-depth as your team needs. At our office or yours, we can design a training session that meets your needs!

Custom analytics implementation – Get more out of analytics by implementing custom ecommerce tracking, goal tracking, and event tracking. This will allow you to understand exactly what your visitors are doing on your website, including video plays, PDF downloads, Flash interaction, clicks on specific links, form completion, shopping cart details, and more. Find out what exactly is driving actions on your website and use this information to improve conversions.

Ongoing social media reports – Social media can be extremely time consuming and it can be difficult to understand what is successful and what isn't – or to define exactly what "successful" means for your business. Setting quantifiable goals and monitoring results is critical in executing an adaptable social media strategy. We also have industry tools that can help you manage your online reputation  and listen to customer conversations. Get the most of your efforts!

Ongoing paid search reports – Don’t throw money at PPC without knowing exactly what is working and what isn’t! We create in-depth PPC reports that track the metrics that are meaningful for your business. Our reports also provide ongoing optimization and testing recommendations and performance indicators tailored to your business and your goals. Our certified PPC experts can help you develop a sound paid search strategy based on key metrics and ongoing data analysis.

Email marketing reports – Find out how well your e-blasts are performing and what visitors from emails do on your website once they arrive. There is more to track than just open-rate...which links within the email are clicked most often? Do visitors make a purchase based on your email? Analyzing how users perform on your website after they arrive from your newsletter, e-blast, or email promotion can provide the insight you need to tweak and improve each and every email you send out. 

Website performance audits – From broken links and load times to html issues and sitemaps, we ensure your website is performing at peak functionality. Search engines use the quality of your website as a metric in search rankings, so make sure your website is error-free. We use a variety of crawl reports and industry tools to find all of the technical issues throughout your website and provide complete report on which errors need to be fixed and how. Our technical team is here to implement fixes as well!

How can we help you?

Our services are backed by results; we provide ongoing reporting for all of our marketing services, tailored to your business goals.

Contact us today to start tracking your marketing efforts and measuring results!

Q & A

  • Q: What can analytics tell me about my website?
  • A: Analytics can track almost anything you need to know about online behavior. Here are just a few of the examples that can provide valuable insights into your online business: 
  • How are visitors finding your website? 
  • Do your email campaigns or social networking activities send visitors to your website? Do these visitors convert? 
  • What shopping cart page is resulting in the highest abandonment rates? 
  • What pages on your website provide the most value in terms of revenue or lead generation?
  • We work with all of our clients to determine which metrics should be track and set up custom goals and conversion reports.
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