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Does The Switch To The Cloud Save You Money?

Investigate the cost for cloud computing, see direct and indirect ways switching to the cloud can set your business up for future success and growth.

OneDrive: Why, How, Pros & Cons of Using It

Find information about Microsoft OneDrive including the benefits of using it and details on how to get started with OneDrive for business and personal use.

Why Move Your Data Center to the Cloud?

Understand the top five benefits of moving your business to the cloud and find out why more and more companies are switching to cloud computing.

Magento 2015 Security Patch Release

What to do if you've experienced Magento security related issues.

WordPress and Magento Security

Be careful when using third party plug-ins.  There could be security issues.

WordPress Security Breaches

Find out what caused the security breaches of Spring 2015 and what to do about it.