Celebrating over 25 Years in Business

  • 1990

    -Company established as Western Pacific Technologies (Westpac for short). Our first office was located in Florissant, MO.

  • 1994

    -Employees of Westpac founded Anet, one of St. Louis’ first local internet service providers (ISP).
    -Became a Microsoft Partner.

  • 2001

    -Rebranded Westpac to Unidev (Unified Development, Inc.). Name came from an employee contest – whoever came up with the best name wins!
    -Moved office to Chesterfield, MO.

  • 2006

    -Acquired The Net Impact, with the intention of bringing an online marketing aspect to the technology aspect of Unidev.

  • 2009

    -Launched Auctori, our in-house Content Management System. We wanted a CMS that was easy-to-use, SEO friendly, and multilingual.
    -We wanted a place to share industry news and exchange ideas in person, so we launched our ongoing tech exchange events (TXCHANGE), which has morphed into a monthly Speaker Series that gives us a venue to share the latest news and network with area businesses and startups. Topics include everything from how to market your website to cybersecurity!

  • 2011

    -Became a Microsoft Gold Partner.

  • 2012

    -Expanded office in Chesterfield, doubling the space in size.

  • 2013

    -Launched WebsiteSentry. This technology ensures secure and efficient hosting through an advanced monitoring system that includes custom alerts, constant IP address monitoring, and routine performance checks.

  • 2015

    -Proudly celebrating 25 Years in business!

“DELIVERY matters - we will meet your expectations. We never give up, and we will find a solution that works for you. We have defined principles to better serve our clients efficiently. We care about your user experience.”

-    Greg Alexander, Founder and CEO

25 Things You Might Not Know About Unidev

1. The company was launched by husband and wife duo, Greg and Joan Alexander in 1990.
2. We were once named Westpac.
3. For most of first three years, everyone but Joan worked in Chicago.
4. We created a mobile product named Telescope that died in the .dot com crash.
5. In 1992, we wrote the largest US SQL server installation at that time.
6. When we launched our Internet Service Provider in 1995, we decided to choose an “A” name (ANET St. Louis) so it would come up first in the phone book! You could sign up for analog dialup from as low as $19.95/month! You just had to answer a few quick questions like if you had Windows 95 or 3.x and what speed your modem was. At least 8 MB RAM required!
7. One of our team members won a big screen TV at one of our Christmas parties and still has it in her living room. The gift that keeps on giving!
8. While Unidev is turning 25, our entire team is 1,799 years old!
9. Greg is an avid motorcycle collector. In fact, he builds them from scratch, and he has a just added #15 to his collection!
10. Together, our team ran over 143 miles in marathons last year!
11. We are a truly a family company. In fact, not only were we started by a married couple, each of their four children have worked for the company at some point, and we currently have six married couples working for us!
12. Math and music truly complement each other. Two of our programmers perform regularly in bands around town.
13. One of our team members was a competitive square dancer! She danced in the Rose Garden at the White House in front of President Carter and the Prime Minister from Australia!
14. We take our afternoon pick me ups seriously. We credit our increased productivity to our fancy espresso machine!
15. Our team has picked their favorites: 94% of our team prefers Netflix to Hulu, 57% have an iPhone vs. Android, and 56% prefer Spotify to Pandora!
16. What’s in a name? Unidev is short for Unified Development, and a result of a contest among employees to name the company.
17. Employees of the company aren’t just from St. Louis – together, our employees proudly represent four states and three countries!
18. The winning recipe from our last chili cook-off was put on the menu at the local St. Louis restaurant, Edgewild Restaurant and Winery!
19. Not only is our content management system multi-lingual, so is our team! Five languages are spoken here (plus more if you are counting, C, C++, Fortran, C#, .NET, Jquery, HTML, we could go on….)!
20. We polled our team to finally answer the age-old question: which are better, cats or dogs? We were surprised to find a perfectly even split (plus some guinea pigs thrown in for good measure!).
21. We love standing desks! At last count, 8 members of our team have made the switch!
22. We have a truly multi-talented team – on any given weekend, you can find several of our team members on stages throughout St. Louis from concerts to improv!
23. We have season tickets to the Cardinals games, so Unidev brings our team spirit and red to every game!
24. Our favorite go-to for catered company lunches is Viviano’s! Ciò che mangiamo!
25. We plan on being around for another 25 years!