Online Marketing News Vol. 1, Issue 1

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Vol. 1, Issue 1

Google's Mobile Friendly Update

mobile phoneOn April 21, Google implemented its long anticipated algorithm update for mobile search queries aimed to boost the positioning of mobile-friendly sites, while dropping sites that are not mobile-friendly lower in search rankings. Already, this update is affecting mobile searches; over the next few weeks it will be important to monitor your mobile traffic to see how this change impacts your online visibility.

One of the tools we use to help determine if a client’s site is mobile-friendly or not is the Google Mobile-Friendly Test. From here, Google gives feedback on what a site does or does not do well and ways to improve the site to fit Google’s criteria on what is considered “mobile-friendly. Some things you can do to ensure your site is mobile-friendly include making it easier for your site’s customers to complete their objectives, choosing a design that is consistent across all devices, and making text and icons easier to decipher.

Is your site mobile-friendly? If you’re unsure, contact us today for a free analysis and quote on how to ensure you’re reaching as much of your market as possible.

Changes Coming to Google+google

In March, Google announced that the current format of Google+ will be split into two separate platforms: one for “Photos” and one for “Streams.” While Photos is self-explanatory, the Streams platform has a less clear definition right now. The only feature that is guaranteed to stay around is the popular Google Hangouts tool.

While most in the marketing industry are not surprised to see Google+ winding down, many are saying it should serve as a cautionary tale to companies that put all of their “digital eggs” in one basket. Learn more about the variety of online marketing strategies we can help implement for your company.

Marketing Tip: Retargeting

man with tips sign Is your website getting visitors, but not converting as many as you would like? Fortunately, there’s a way to reposition your brand in front of these visitors as they browse elsewhere around the web. With retargeting, you can place paid ads on other websites your visitors browse. From here, you can customize your message to fit your strategy. This could be a simple brand awareness message, or it could be as specific as placing the product they previously abandoned in their cart perhaps with a new sale. If you’d like to learn more about retargeting and how pay-per-click advertising can help grow your revenue, contact us, or visit our conversion rate optimization page.