Understanding Developer Titles

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Websites are more powerful now than ever, and it frequently takes a team of people to create the custom site or application that will help your business run most efficiently and successfully. When you work with a custom development company terms may be used to refer to developers that you may not be familiar with. This can make it difficult to understand why all of these people are needed to work on your project. Here’s a quick breakdown so that you have a better understanding of the developer title lingo.


A designer works on the colors, layouts, and logos that will be used on your website or application. In short, a designer creates what the website or app will look like for the user. Many designers don’t write code; instead, they are creating the look and layout of the site in a program based on what the client wants. Depending on the designer’s depth of skillset, he/she will sometimes work on user experience (UX), how a person interacts with the company’s services and products as well as user interface (UI), how things go from one page to another including navigation, buttons, icons, etc.

Front-End Developer

The designer’s work is usually then handed off to a front-end developer who creates the functioning website or application according to the designer’s work. A front-end developer knows how to code in HTML and CSS, which are languages that make a site look how it was designed. Front-end developers may also be able to program with JavaScript which allows the site to have slideshows, animations, moving graphics, etc. Depending on the depth of skillset, a front-end developer may know more robust JavaScript such as Angular which peeks into interacting with the backend of the site.

Back-End Developer

The back-end developer writes code that runs the business logic of the website using frameworks and languages such as .NET, C#, Java and PHP. Back-end developers frequently know how to create the structures in the database, how information is put into and comes out of it, and the data format that the front-end code needs to display the information on the screen. If you have a website that takes in data from users, it’s the back-end developer that creates the methods that the site uses to collect, store, categorize, and respond to the data.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is someone who has a functional knowledge of both front-end and back-end development. A full-stack developer is frequently capable of creating a site from end to end, from design down to the database and hosting.

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