Custom Software vs. Customized Software

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The term custom software is often used to describe what is actually customized software. So how do you know if you are getting fully custom-built software or customized software? It depends on your requirements and the developers working on your project. Different developers have different capabilities and roles. Designers, frontend, backend and full stack developers all have different levels of expertise. We’ve given a brief overview of what these developer titles mean. When you look for a company that does website development or software development most will have designers and frontend developers, but not all companies will have backend and full stack developers. These are the developers who have a deeper level of expertise and work on custom-built projects.

Custom Development Website ImageIt’s important to understand if the development company you are looking at is going to customize software for you or create custom software for you. To explain, let’s use the analogy of a jeweler. A jeweler might take a customer selected diamond and put it into a customer selected setting to create a customized ring. Another jeweler is tasked with designing a setting and determining exactly how the ring will look; this is a custom ring. Both rings are created to meet the requirements of the customer, but both rings are not created in the same way; one is customized from pieces that already exist while the other is custom-built from scratch.

Websites and software work similarly. Some software is customized to fit a business’ needs from software that already exists, while other software is built from scratch to meet a business’ needs. There is nothing wrong with using customized software. For example, if you simply need a brochure website to share information online with potential customers, then a WordPress website might be a great choice for you. It can be customized to represent your brand quite impressively. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here. However, if you need software to more efficiently run your business or if your website collects a lot of data, then a custom-built website or software may be better for your business.

When you understand which of your projects require a backend or full stack developer for custom-built software, you are better equipped to find the right development company and ask them the right questions.

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