OneDrive: Why, How, Pros and Cons of Using It Part Two

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Some of the most common benefits of using OneDrive:

  • Do more wherever you go. Whether it’s for personal, school, or work related reasons. Get more accomplished with the assistance of OneDrive.
  • Access files from virtually anywhere and on any device, anytime. No, seriously! PC, Mac, Android, or iOS.
  • Share and work with virtually anyone in a collaborative environment. Harness the power of Office 365 including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Outlook as part of OneDrive.
  • OneDrive for Business amplifies employee potential by allowing employees to store and access work files on demand. Your IT department can also rest assured knowing that data is heavily protected behind an SSL protocol and secured environment.
  • Stay organized with OneDrive on-the-go by using its powerful features to store and access your data. Your photos and documents will rest safely and securely available for access across any device or platform.

Benefits of OneDrive or OneDrive for Business usage will vary. All contingent upon your specific needs and usage. Real-time collaboration is perhaps one of the most intricate benefits of this cloud-based application.

OneDrive is pre-installed on Windows 10 allowing for painless access and syncing of files and applications.

How Do You Get Started with OneDrive?
The process of getting acquainted with OneDrive is actually quite simple. Before going any further, you need to first determine personal or business usage. Once identifying the purpose behind OneDrive, then you can proceed further.

OneDrive for Personal Usage
How about unloading all of those photos and storing them in the cloud? Absolutely, right? Who doesn’t want to free up space on their mobile phone? Sign up for free today to take advantage of the free 15 GB of storage.* Are you looking for a more thorough step-by-step guide? Explore this holistic breakdown for a much more guided approach.

OneDrive for Business Usage
This is where the fun really begins. Typically, OneDrive for Business will be integrated within the Office 365 suite. Therefore, you may be eligible for 1 TB of storage given that your organization has everything properly setup. Check with your administrator if necessary for further assistance on that front.

Now it’s time to fire up OneDrive for Business. Follow these simple steps to get hooked up:
1. Navigate to website in your browser of choice.
2. Select the second Work & School menu option on the home page.
3. Use the e-mail address that your company has assigned to you to get logged in.
4. That’s it! Welcome to OneDrive for Business.

Digital Marketing CalloutPros & Cons of OneDrive
Every cloud-based solution offers certain pros and cons. It all depends on your outlook towards each and the value proposition you are seeking. OneDrive, like other solutions, offers certain pros and cons. Peruse the available plans to identify one fitting for your specific needs.

Another key advantage of OneDrive is the fact that it is broken down into two simple plans. OneDrive storage plans and OneDrive + Office 365 plans. Simple, right?

OneDrive Storage Plans (also known as the Personal Plan)*
This particular plan is ideal for individuals. Anyone who is interested in storing personal files or photos.

  • Get 5 GB of storage for Free.
  • Get Basic 50 GB of storage for $1.99/month.

Given that this is a personal plan, it is ideal for anyone just starting out with cloud storage.

OneDrive + Office 365 Plans (OneDrive for Business)*
If you or your company are interested in more flexibility, functionality, and storage, then this is an ideal solution for you. Small, medium-size, or even corporations can benefit from the OneDrive for Business option.

  • Get 1 TB of storage for 1 user at $6.99/month. Primarily geared for personal and/or small business purposes.
  • Get 1 TB of storage for up to 5 users for $9.99/month. This plan is ideal for home-based businesses.

Keep in mind that the above mentioned pricing coincides with pre-existing Office 365 plans. In essence, you must be an active Office 365 user in order to take advantage of this pricing.*

OneDrive vs. Google Drive
OneDrive is competitively priced and as versatile. If you are a Microsoft user, such as Windows 10, then this is an ideal companion. Another instance of OneDrive usage might be a consolidation of online files from Google Drive. One of the key ingredients of Office 365 and OneDrive is the seamless integration with its popular applications. Some of those include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and more.

Have you tried OneDrive or OneDrive for Business yet?

*Information and pricing as of March 2016.

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