I Share Because I Care: Demo Day

by Angela LaRocca

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demoDay12 words. Demo. Day.

The Pageant in the Delmar Loop was transformed. Usual scene setup: walls vibrating from the bass, hipsters too hip for their own skinny jeans, jammed in the hotter than hot, standing room only space.

But this time the vibe was very different. The energy was there, just a bit more contained and dare I say, mature. The classic venue was filled with creative entrepreneurs ready to pitch their concepts. Capital Innovators put on this main event and every year I look forward to it. This was like Shark Tank live and in living color. The agenda was packed with a captivating keynote and timed pitches. A couple of takeaways from the day:

Holy Keynote, Batman.

Lesley Miller, formerly of @Twitter, @Google, and @Apple, (no big deal) set the tone for the day. He broke down inclusion and diversity in such a real, approachable way, that I wanted to change the world with every word he spoke. He simplified workplace culture and the art of truly getting employees on the same page. Miller encouraged broader thinking, risk taking, and once again, inclusion. "If you're all thinking the same thing, you're not thinking." Keep talking, Lesley. This is getting real. Simply stated, "Inclusion takes work. It means changing the way you think about everything." I’m so on board with this. He left the audience with these helpful sites: projectinclude.org, changecatalyst.co, and cultureamp.com.

Me Want Cookie.

I heard there were cookies. Sweet! Ohhhh, they meant hearing from Soozie's Doozies CEO, Olivia Kelvin. Still awesome. From concept to creation to plans for expanding the delicious all-natural line, Kelvin shared the brand's foundation and vision. One highlight was a new product that stole my heart. Just in case it's not public yet, all I'll say is when that product's slide appeared, my stomach growled. Loud. Like, turn-my-head-pretending-that-obnoxious-rumbling-definitely-did-not-come-from-me-loud. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you immediately get hungry.

Sunscreen is the New Sanitizer?

Not exactly, but close. Familiar with SunStation USA? You will be soon. Community sunscreen dispensers! Brilliant. Nothing worse than soaking in some summer rays at an event, then realizing your forgot your sunscreen. Trying to ignore the sun fiercely beating down on you and telling yourself, "in just a few days it'll turn into a lovely tan." These eco-friendly sunscreen stations plan to be in Busch Stadium this summer! Plus, their slogan is "We've got you covered!" and I'm a sucker for a cute tagline and of course, prevention of sunburns and severe skin damage. Check them out. www.sunstationusa.com.

The entrepreneurial spirit is invigorating. Thoughts and ideas morphing into motion and ventures, ignites creativity and that provides an exhilarating environment. Demo Day gets a gold star for capturing that contagious energy.

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