We Share Because We Care: Marketer's Mash-Up

by Jennifer Couch

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Marketer's Mash-Up Folder imageI had the opportunity to attend Marketer’s Mash-up at the Hyatt Regency St Louis at The Arch. The event, led by Maisha Christian Hagan of Jokake Construction Services, Inc., was for marketers in the trenches to get caught up on some of the latest marketing tips and resources. The time was packed with a wealth of information!

Maisha told us, “The world’s information doubles every 15 months!” No wonder it’s difficult to stay on top of ever-changing industries like technology and marketing. Marketers need to have superpowers just to stay afloat. That’s where all the helpful tools that Maisha shared come in. Here are a few of the ones she covered.

A Few Helpful Tools

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (O.W.L.) can help, not only with properly citing sources, but also with professional and technical writing such as business letters, white papers, and more. (Full disclosure, I’m a Purdue grad, so of course was already familiar with this awesome tool!)Marketer's Mash-Up Speaker Image

Hemingway App is an online writing editor. It highlights sections of your writing and lets you know which sentences need a little reworking and offers suggestions of how to do it. If you find yourself editing really technical content, it can help lighten it up. Also, in the event that more than one person is working on a piece of content, it can help pull the writing together.

E.ggtimer.com is a simple countdown timer that Maisha uses to help manage her time. Do you ever hop on social media to just publish one post and then find yourself still there 20 minutes later? Me too! This is where the timer comes in handy, set it for just a few minutes, and then head over to your social network. Or have a project you’re dreading? Just determine to work on it for five minutes, set your timer, and get to it.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform for magazines and catalogs, making it a great resource to help you stay up-to-date on the latest industry news. Find something great that you want to read again later? No problem. Just clip it, and save it to the clipboard. Some plans here have a fee.

Coursera offers online courses from universities. This allows you to learn something new or brush up on your marketing skills such as SEO, social media marketing, or marketing analytics.

Font Squirrel allows you to download thousands of legal, high quality, free fonts without the fear of viruses or licensing issues.

Marketer's Mash-Up Quote ImageWhat I'm Excited to Learn More About:

I’ve heard of bullet journaling before, it might be a new buzzword, but hearing Maisha talk about it has me a bit excited. I’m a list maker and a note taker, and this bullet journaling sounds like it might be right up my alley. Maisha said it is a format that has changed the way that she takes notes. It sounds like all the random slips of paper and post-its might be a thing of the past. She suggests watching this video to learn more.

The information shared above covers just a few of the tools mentioned. I walked away with not only new ideas and resources to try, but inspired!

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