Why Unidev Chooses Azure

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CLouds ImageWe have jumped on the Microsoft Azure bandwagon. Azure is a platform and a method for handling modern-day computing needs and is quickly becoming the gold standard for modern IT infrastructure. We use Microsoft Azure because we know how reliable, flexible and customizable cloud computing can be for our clients.

Rather than keeping data on an on-premise, physical infrastructure, which can be expensive and time consuming to update and maintain, we are offering our clients the opportunity to move to Microsoft Azure. There are numerous benefits to moving to the cloud, but the primary reason our clients have chosen to move is that cloud computing saves money. The ability to quickly scale, or adjust your computing power, up or down as needed, allows our clients to only pay for the services used. In a traditional computing scenario, physical servers are on 24/7, and our clients pay for that even if their business or website has minimal traffic during off hours like nights, weekends, or holidays. In short, with on-premise servers, you pay for peak capacity all the time even when you aren’t using it. With Azure if there is a sudden boom in business, scaling up your servers to handle that capacity takes only a matter of minutes.

Ultimately, our skilled developers can personalize your experience, so rather than paying for services that aren’t necessary for every business, you only pay for what you use. It’s as simple as that, which is why we strongly recommend it. Unidev has highly-skilled, Microsoft Certified Professionals ready to help you make the move. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about pushing your business to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

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