Q4 2017 Newsletter

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Q4 Solution Spotlight

Cloud computing can be a reliable, flexible, and customizable technology solution. That is why Unidev selected Microsoft Azure. We implemented it here at Unidev, and have realized significant benefits in switching to the cloud. Azure allows you to pay for only the services needed at the time, and scaling on servers is quick and easy.

If you are interested in learning more about pushing your business to the cloud, we are ready to help. Already using Azure for hosting? There are other Azure services that your organization might find helpful. View the news and insights below, or contact us to learn more.

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We’re proud to announce the launch of Amped Wireless. The existing site design was moved to Magento for an updated ecommerce platform and better customer experience.

Authority Logistics Solutions uses Microsoft Azure to host their website as well as their custom app. Using Azure allows us to monitor the site’s performance metrics and usage details to ensure the proper server and database configurations are in place. Automatic alerts send notifications when usage thresholds are exceeded, so hosting configurations can be adjusted, as needed, in real-time, yielding cost savings with Azure’s flexible pricing.

Q4 Charity Spotlight

With the Christmas season in full swing, our friendly charity drive competition is underway. Our office has been divided into two teams, “President” and “Treasurer”, and the winning team will be treated to a pizza lunch. The two charities that we are collecting for are Wrap a Bottom, which works to meet the diaper need in the St. Louis area, and The Little Bit Foundation, whose wish list this year is socks and underwear for elementary and middle school students.

Our contest is running through December 15th. If you would like to participate, please drop items off at our office, or order on Amazon, and have the items shipped to the Unidev office.