Why Outsource Development Needs to a Tech Company?

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If you have an in-house IT department, why work with an external tech company?

There are several advantages of working with an outside tech company. We’ve broken down a few of the main benefits here.

Skillset & Extended Capabilities

two people working imageAt Unidev, we have over 50 employees, so we have a much larger variety of skillsets than most in-house IT departments. Any given company might not have the breadth of skills that are needed for a specific project, and they might not need that skillset full time.

Many companies don’t have an internal IT department at all, or their IT department is not made up of developers but of infrastructure personnel who set up workstations, install software onto the machines, keep networks running, etc. These people are vital to the day-to-day operations of the company. However, the person regularly handling the maintenance might not have the skills to handle creating a new app. If a company needs more IT help only occasionally, they aren’t going to want to take on new employees for an occasional need or for a specific skillset; instead, it’s wise to outsource the work.

Another need would be to extend their existing capabilities. For example, perhaps a company has five IT people, but they have a project that will last approximately six months for which they need ten people. The organization may not want to staff up for that. That’s where partnering with an outside tech company is helpful.


Because Unidev works with a lot of different companies, our developers are exposed to many different technologies, ways of doing business, and approaches to problems. An in-house IT department doesn’t necessarily get that breadth of experience. An outside tech company can bring new approaches to problems that a company’s internal IT department may not have considered.

24 Hour Support

Our Unidev24 Support service insures that someone is available any time a software or website issue occurs. Internal IT departments, especially smaller ones, may have trouble monitoring all the time, not to mention covering sick-leave, vacations, and other types of situations that arise. Unidev already has the infrastructure in place to help keep systems fully functional.


Unidev partners with companies to vision cast technology that will help take them into the future. Internal IT departments are frequently focused on maintenance and can’t always handle the new technology needs as a company grows and changes with visions for the future.

Technology is changing every day, and keeping up with the latest trends and developments can be difficult for an internal group. They are busy keeping the wheels of the company moving day to day. It’s intensely demanding to keep up with the daily needs as well as the changing technology. An outside tech company is focused on the latest and greatest technology trends and can help companies approach their future boldly.

Real-World Example

One of Unidev’s custom software clients had been using an out of the box software for the bulk of their everyday operations. The software was meeting their current needs, but it didn’t do everything they wanted it to. They could also see that it wouldn’t meet their future needs as the business grew. Though they had an in-house IT department, it did not consist of any developers, so they reached out to Unidev for custom software development. Unidev was able to work with them to build a software that not only fulfilled current needs but extended its capabilities to do more, and will be able to grow and adapt to the business’ future needs. After the software was successfully deployed, the company hired internal developers who Unidev trained to maintain and expand the system going forward. The client maintains a relationship with Unidev for external support when additional help is needed.

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