Q3 2018 Newsletter

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Newsletter Solution Spotlight ImageDid you know that Unidev offers 24/7 website and software support? When your website or software crashes, or isn’t functioning properly, it can be detrimental to business. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t always an easy fix that can be addressed quickly by someone in house. That’s where Unidev’s professional developers come in. Our team of experts can provide assistance to get your website or software back up and running even if we were not the original developers. We’ve got your back!

Learn more about Unidev24 Support.
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Newsletter Client Spotlight ImageSoil Health Partnership teamed up with Unidev for a new website. The site is built in Umbraco and includes a new interactive page featuring field days and events. Click below to visit the new Soil Health Partnership website, and view their Field Days page here.

Soil Health Partnership Site image

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Newsletter News Image Job Posting Schema

Job posting schema is structured data that makes your job postings eligible to appear in the job search experience on Google with job details, your logo, reviews and ratings. Job seekers can filter by various criteria like job title or location, which means your job posting is more likely to attract applicants who are looking for that job.

When adding job posting schema to a job listing, it is important to include structured data around properties, such as the job title, date posted, a description, type of employment, the hiring organization, location of the position, and a date the job listing is valid through. After adding the schema to the job posting, test your page’s structured data markup with a structured data testing tool. Learn more about job posting schema here.

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