Important Dates to Remember for Your 2018 Digital Holiday Preparation

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Traditionally when you think of holiday shopping most people think of Black Friday and Christmas shopping. However, there are a number of holidays and special days planned between Halloween and New Year’s Day that potential customers will be watching for. As a business owner, you do not want to miss these opportunities to connect with your customers and reach new potential customers.Digital Marketing for the Holidays image

The following dates can help you as you plan your 2018 digital marketing holiday strategy.

Halloween – October 31
Halloween is not an official holiday but is typically celebrated in the U.S. with costume parties and children trick-or-treating door to door.

Election Day – November 6
On Election Day, citizens of the United States vote to elect public officials.

Veterans Day – November 12
The anniversary of the signing of the armistice ending WWI, on Veteran’s Day veterans are thanked for their service to the United States.

Thanksgiving – November 22
Thanksgiving in the United States is a holiday set aside for giving thanks. Many people have a four-day weekend, so it is a busy travel time.

Black Friday – November 23
Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving and is a day of shopping and sales. Many see it as the beginning of holiday shopping season.

Small Business Saturday – November 24
Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate and support small businesses in your local community. People support their local small businesses by making purchases from the businesses on this day.

Cyber Monday – November 26
The first Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday, a day targeting online sales and shoppers.

Giving Tuesday – November 27
Giving Tuesday is a day to give back and get involved in your community by helping others through gifts of your time, donations, goods, or the power of your voice.

Green Monday – December 10
Green Monday is usually the 2nd Monday in December with about 10 days remaining until Christmas. It is a day of finding last-minute deals online.

Hanukkah – December 2–10
Hanukkah, or Festival of Lights, is an eight day Jewish celebration remembering the Jewish people’s struggle for freedom.

Free Shipping Day – December 14
Free shipping day provides customers the opportunity to shop online from the comfort of their own homes and receive free shipping from participating businesses.

Festivus – December 23
Made famous in a Seinfeld episode, Festivus, is a holiday celebrated by those seeking a break from the commercialism and pressure imposed by the modern Christmas season.

Super Saturday – December 22
Super Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas and is also sometimes called Panic Saturday as shoppers rush to purchase last minute gifts.

Christmas – December 25
Christmas Day is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. Many people decorate their homes with lights and Christmas trees. They travel to be with family and give gifts.

Kwanzaa – December 26 – January 1
Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration honoring the culture and traditions of people of African descent.

New Year’s Eve – December 31
New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year in the United States and is celebrated with parties across the country.

New Year’s Day – January 1
New Year’s Day marks the beginning of the new year in the United States.

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