What is a Dedicated Project Manager?

The Project Manager

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Dedicated Project Manager imageSome companies have dedicated project managers, and some don’t. Before you decide which development company you want to partner with, it is wise to understand what a dedicated project manager is, what the cost will be, and what the benefit is. When you understand these aspects of project management, you will ask questions that will help you determine which company is right for your project.

Part 1: What is a Dedicated Project Manager?

While some companies have project managers, other companies have dedicated project managers. Although most project managers have the same goals in mind, a project manager can switch projects week to week, but a dedicated project manager is with your project from beginning to end. Before working with a development company, learn what to expect from your project manager and how long to expect them to be with your project.

The role of a project manager is essential to the successful execution of a project. A project manager learns and understands the project's detailed scope and requirements from the very beginning before any programming is done. Projects begin with a discovery phase, or sometimes a discovery project, to gather the requirements. This stage is typically quite involved and is critical to the success of the project. The project manager then works with a developer and the client to create a statement of work based on those requirements. From that point forward, the project manager is the face of the project for the client and the developer. The project manager knows the project inside and out.

The project manager also makes sure that the project timeline is on track, and if the timeline changes, the project manager works with the client to ensure that needs are still met. Speaking for both the development team and the client, the project manager communicates with everyone involved through emails, phone calls, and meetings. He or she has daily status updates with the developers to make sure they are making good progress, checking to see if they are stuck or have any issues.

The developers have ideas in mind, and the client has ideas in mind; the project manager must make sure these ideas work together to meet the client's needs.

A project manager should have a complete understanding of the project and what it should do just as well as the client. He or she knows the specific needs of the client and how to achieve them best. The project manager writes out the plan and makes sure the project progresses. This individual is dedicated to and responsible for managing the scope of the project. Things change as a project progresses, and you need someone to manage it so the project doesn’t get off track.

Ensuring that the needs of the client are being addressed is the project manager’s most important task.

At Unidev, we assign a project manager to every project we have; typically, this role is filled by a dedicated project manager. We know that communication is key to a successful project, and the project manager helps to ensure there is clear communication throughout the phases of the project. Find out more about our project management phases, and then call us to see how we can help with your project.

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