WordPress Security

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One of the benefits of using an open-source platform for your website is the wealth of resources available to customize your website. These plug-ins can do just about anything, from broad functions to very task-specific plug-ins that only apply to your company. WordPress SecurityThere is, however, a downside to these resources. By allowing third-party plug-ins, there can be security issues. Their developers may not be prepared for these data breaches, thereby leaving their plugins and your site potentially vulnerable.

Unidev wants to help demonstrate the importance of gathering all of the necessary information regarding extensions and plug-ins for your site. In the case of WordPress sites, these updates may not always be well-publicized and by the time you realize there’s an update available, it could be too late. It is crucial that either your system administrators or you, stay on top of the latest security issues facing WordPress sites and their updates as they become available.

When it comes to your company and customers' data, you can never be too careful.Click to Tweet

With eCommerce sites, it’s especially important to be aware of how secure your data is. Having your customers’ financial information compromised not only decreases the chances of a customer making a second purchase from you, but can also make you the target of a lawsuit. When notified of these “critical updates” that become available, knowing all of the information, including what the update is intended to fix and potential risks of either updating or not updating, is essential.  

When it comes to your company and customers’ data, you can never be too careful. Knowing the threats and where your site was compromised is the best way to prevent data theft and ensure your site’s security. At Unidev, we stay plugged in with the latest news and constantly monitor our clients’ websites for the first sign of any trouble. With 24/7 customer support, we’re always here to help answer any questions or get your site up and running again as quickly as possible. Follow these links for more information regarding our hosting and eCommerce services.