Is a new site more expensive than updating a website?

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New Site Expense ImageIt might surprise you that the answer is, not necessarily. A new site requires the developer to learn your business and understand the goals and objectives of your site as well as what you want changed about the site you currently have.

If you want your existing site updated, a developer must understand the state of your website and learn how your site was built originally. If the site was built using an older technology, the developer will have to understand the nuances of that technology. If it’s a new developer, they may be learning the language for the first time, so this makes the process much longer. Even if it’s a long-time developer, adapting to an older technology may take time. The updating of the site itself is also likely to be more complicated because, more than likely, there are more lines of code in older code than in the coding of today.

If a developer creates a brand-new website, they’ll use new code that they are accustomed to working with. Creating from a blank slate can be faster and easier for the developer, which can be a cost savings.

The level of changes the website needs, a few small adjustments versus updating an insecure site, for example, will determine if it’s more expensive to build a new site or update a current one.

However, something else to consider is that if you have an old website now, and you choose to update it, what will happen a few years down the road when another update is needed? It may be even more difficult and more expensive to have updates made.

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