Q3 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter Solution Spotlight ImageWe know budgets have been impacted by the pandemic, but we also know that marketing your business is as important as ever. Now might be a good time to consider adjusting, or beginning, a PPC campaign. Pay-Per-Click advertising can help keep your brand visible and help build your brand’s authority, keeping you in front of your target audience and top of mind.

If it’s time to reevaluate your current campaigns, or get a new one started, contact Unidev’s marketing team.

Newsletter Client Spotlight ImageSSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation recently partnered with Unidev to create a custom WordPress eCommerce site where visitors can purchase Glennon Cards online. The Glennon Card offers discounts to over 250 stores and restaurants during the 10-day shopping period of Oct. 16-25. All proceeds from the purchase of the cards benefit the kids cared for by SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital!

View the site here: https://glennoncard.org/

Q3 Newsletter SSM website image

For more recent work, please view our portfolio.

Newsletter Charity ImageUnidev partners with a number of non-profit organizations, and we want to make sure you all know about the Google Ad Grants program.

Google Ad Grants is an online advertising solution from Google that provides awarded non-profits with $10,000 of advertising through Google Ads each month. Learn more about the grants, eligibility, and the qualification process here.

If you apply for an Ad Grant, please let us know.

Newsletter News ImageIt’s always important to be using the right tools for the job. It’s even better when some of those tools are free! Check out our Digital Marketing Toolkit where you can find, save, or share the infographic and resource information. There might be some tools that you haven’t taken advantage of yet.

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