What Type of IT Support Do You Need?

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Information technology (IT) services can be found everywhere, yet most companies struggle to find the right solution for their needs. Why? Tech support packages can sound promising, but without reading the fine print, you might be missing out on the key services you need the most. We chose some of the main IT support services on the market to explain what is included in each, so you know what to expect from your vendor. Graphic of computer screen, magnifying glass, and headset.

Customer Help Desk

One popular service is customer support desks. This service can be performed locally or offshore and typically includes both phone and web assistance options. To truly get the most value from a package like this, you want to have access to IT support professionals 27/7/365. Whether you prefer submitting a support ticket online, calling a real person to walk through your problem or have a tech emergency when offices are closed, a 24/7 support team ensures you are prepared for anything. Dedicated help desk services are good for companies with large tech stacks that include multiple platforms, many employees to service, and are looking to save money by bundling all IT services into one package. 

Key Features Include: 
    • 24/7/365 dedicated support team
    • Phone, email, and website contact options
    • Ticketing system and request tracking
    • Emergency response and resolution

On-Demand IT & Consulting

On-demand tech support and consulting will work 24/7 to keep your system fully functional and up to date, no matter what platform you use. This type of service is best when you can meet with your support team whenever you need assistance, so going local can be extremely beneficial. Not only can an on-call service solve common tech issues, but they can also provide valuable insights and strategies for your systems. Not all organizations can afford the staff for an expert IT staff in-house, which is where on-demand customer support comes in handy. This type of service should be simple, not require contracts, and use a pay-as-you-use-it cost model. On-demand support services are best for smaller teams that are looking to reduce costs of IT maintenance, minimize tech-caused headaches, and keep your tech stack running smoothly. 

Key Features Include: 
    • Troubleshoot and resolve website issues
    • Update site functionality, content, and more
    • Analytics, PPC, SEO, and digital marketing management
    • Pay-as-you-use-it, no minimums, and no contracts 

Data Storage & Management

Your data is vital to your business, so choosing the right hosting solution is key for your data security. Whether your company needs standard or custom hosting, your service plan should be built to suit. It should allow enough storage for all your data and maximize your website’s performance all while keeping costs as low as possible. Do not choose a plan for your data just so that you fit into a vendor’s offerings. Instead, find a vendor that offers a plan built precisely to your needs and that can scale up or down with your business. Many companies are making the switch from physical servers to cloud systems, hosting their website wherever their customers are. Cloud-based systems are preferred for benefits like affordability, security, scalability, low maintenance, and portability. 

Key Features Include: 
    • Prolong existing application lifespans while supporting new development
    • Safeguard security and control of your data
    • Increase responsivity and scalability for changing needs
    • Deploy at faster speeds and lower costs

Website & Software Support

Covering the majority of tech issues and needs, web and software support plans keep you covered so you can focus on the rest of your business. These packages tend to be tiered, with more features included with higher tiers and price. Basic plans usually include support ticketing, consultations, security scans, uptime monitoring, and backups. Top-tier plans include everything else, plus extra benefits like free development sites, database management, dedicated Project Managers, free migrations, priority support, and analytics, and more. Investing in a professional web and software support plan means having a team of certified developers working to ensure your technology is functioning at its best, day and night. 

Key Features Include: 
    • Daily backups and uptime monitoring
    • Security and malware scans
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Accessibility, SEO, and analytics reports

Our team is happy to discuss our IT support service solutions and how they can address your unique needs. Please reach out and let us know how we can help you today!