Auctori is an easy-to-use content management system developed by a team of highly skilled, senior level programmers here at Unidev. Auctori is a great corporate solution for high-end businesses, associations, law firms, and accounting firms. With Auctori, you can easily build out your staff structure on your site complete with printable biography pages for each member. Unidev focuses on a distinct group of industries that we do well. Having a centralized focus helps us to be better consultants on your web design projects, and we are able to offer those recommendations that will help with the success of your website based on trends we see in the industry.

Auctori Features:

Search Optimized URLs and Site Directories - Users can incorporate important keywords into search optimized URLs and set up SEO-friendly site directories. This promotes the intuitive information architecture that search engines use to assign value to important website content.

Smart Image Caching - Auctori's image caching system improves image management, site performance and site load speed.

Seamless Upgrades - Another way Auctori helps meet your needs is through its seamless updates and integration. Unidev's technical staff is constantly working to ensure its Auctori sites are on the cutting edge.

Security - Because Auctori is built using our own custom code on one of the most secure digital platforms available, your site will be as secure as it possibly can be from hackers who are looking for a way in.

Customer Support - If you ever need any assistance with your Auctori site, customer support is available 24/7/365.

ManyLingual CMS

More and more, companies collaborate with employees in different parts of the world on the same website. It's important to provide a user interface in each employee's native language. Auctori beautifully services multilingual content even on the same page (ManyLingual). Auctori also provides the capability to launch websites in virtually any language, which is imperative for accommodating international employees, website visitors and prospects.

If you are looking for a content management system that is incredibly scalable and makes workflow easy, then Auctori may be ideal for your business. Many choose Auctori because it is fully supported and allows marketing teams to work together without concerns for IT infrastructure, training, and upgrades. In addition, Auctori can be configured to be fully responsive for mobile users, ensuring a positive user experience every time.

For more information, view our case study on Auctori.

Auctori CMS

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Auctori has proved to be a user-friendly content management system. Any request we’ve had to tweak design, layout, etc., has been welcomed with open arms and timely completion. Unidev provides exceptional customer service and is a great company to work with.  I highly recommend them and look forward to our continued working relationship!”

-    Nichole Brink, Manager of Member Communications, Missouri Hospital Association

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