The King and Prince Case Study
Should you bid on branded keywords?

The Challenge

We've had the opportunity to work with The King and Prince, a Georgia beach resort, for over a decade on a variety of projects from digital marketing strategies to a new, responsive website. Paid search management is part of their ongoing marketing strategy and continuing to optimize based on collected data is vital. As part of that effort, it is important to know which campaigns are most effective and whether branded campaigns are worth the cost.

We had the following questions:

  • We already knew that the branded keywords have a high ROI in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, but does running ads on branded keywords make a significant difference in click-through rate (CTR) to the site?
  • Were the ads attracting clicks that would otherwise have clicked organically?

The Study

To better understand potential client behavior on Google, we compiled data on how users behaved when The King and Prince showed only in organic results and also how they behaved when shown both organic and paid search results. We pulled the following data from Google Search Console for the top five branded keywords during the study period (March 2017):

  • For the organic listing, we looked at the number of times results showed in results and the related click-through rate.
  • We reviewed the number of times both the organic and the ad results showed at the same time, their overall click-through rate, the percentage of those clicks that were ad clicks, and the total cost for the ads to run.
  • We were able to estimate how many clicks on the ad would have gone to the organic listing had the ad not shown based on this data.

The Results

The results made it clear that running ads on brand keywords was a critical component of The King and Prince's PPC success:

  • There was a 93% increase in click-through rate to the website when users were presented with a Google search results page that had both a paid ad and organic listings versus only organic listings.
  • From the data, we estimate only 7% more of the total clicks to website would have occurred organically, had we not been running ads on branded terms. Nearly all ad clicks were from users who otherwise would have been lead to other websites by competitors bidding on terms related to The King and Prince's brand name. The clicks on the branded keywords were inexpensive and the conversion rate was high, proving it is worth paying for clicks from branded keyword ad groups.

We are looking forward to further optimize and test strategy with The King and Prince on all digital marketing initiatives. To find out how Unidev can assist your organization with digital marketing, contact us today.


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