4 Hands Brewing Co.
Responsive Design

The Project

4 Hands Brewing Co., a St. Louis based craft brewer, wanted to create a cohesive, interconnected pair of new responsive websites. The goal was to create a website for general company branding and another for their online store.

The Challenge

With the specific requirements of the eCommerce site combined with the unique requirements of a website built for content and articles, maintaining functionality and appearance between the sites needed to be performed within the budget of a new enterprise. Social media feeds and event marketing elements needed to be included without overpowering the sites’ brand message.

The Solution

The developers at Unidev used two platforms, WordPress and PrestaShop, to refresh the design for 4 Hands Brewing Co.’s web presence. They skillfully developed the sites to share the same look and feel despite the different platforms used. In addition to this, both sites were designed to be responsive meaning that the look and feel of each site stayed constant whether it was being viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The animations used on the WordPress site were among the first to be used on any Unidev-developed site and demonstrated a leap forward in what a WordPress site could represent. Unidev delivered 4 Hands Brewing Co. a pair of joined websites that embodied their brand while offering a positive user experience through design and functionality. The eCommerce site has been very effective in driving sales and developing the community

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