Chesterfield Valley Nursery
Responsive Design

The Challenge

Chesterfield Valley Nursery was ready for a website redesign. They wanted to update their website to have a more modern look and feel and they wanted it to be easy for users to navigate. Since they update the site frequently throughout the changing seasons, they needed an easier way to manage their site content.

The Solution

Chesterfield Valley Nursery partnered with Unidev to create a unique custom responsive website design using the WordPress content management system. New designs were created for the home page and interior pages, as well as the blog. The CMS allows the nursery to easily control and update their content quickly whenever needed. The responsive aspect of the site, allows users to access the site with any device connected to the internet, including while standing out in the yard making landscape decisions. 

Biggest Win

The new site is visually appealing and allows visitors to easily navigate through the pages. As with any website, user experience is key. The Plant Finder has been updated to be more user friendly so customers can more easily find plants that meet their criteria. 

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