Commercial Bank
WordPress Responsive Design

The Project

Commercial Bank wanted a new website design that was responsive and gave the site a fresh more modern look while allowing their clients to have mobile access.

The Solution

Unidev’s web design and development team created a visually appealing responsive website in the WordPress content management system. The CMS allows the client to easily control and quickly update their content.

Biggest Win

Before the redesign project, the client had two websites to maintain: a .mobi site for mobile users and a .com site for  desktop users. The redesign project eliminated the need for two websites. The responsive design allows the client the benefit of having one one site to maintain, plus it gives users access to the site on any device with internet access.

Additional Information

Following the launch of the new website, the client received the following message, “I noticed you guys just revamped your website. It looks amazing from my computer and my phone!!! It’s certainly going to grab your customers’ attention, and definitely appeal to everyone, especially the younger, tech savvy customers.”

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