Evans & Dixon, LLC
Law Firm Responsive Design

The Challenge

The client, Evans & Dixon, LLC, approached Unidev with the need for a new responsive website design so they could reach more prospective clients seeking their services. They also needed a content management system (CMS) so they could update content quickly and easily on their own.

The Solution

Unidev created a new responsive site for Evans & Dixon in Auctori, Unidev’s proprietary CMS. The new responsive website allows users to access the site with any device connected to the Internet. The CMS component has given Evans & Dixon control of their content. Multiple people are able to update the website as needed, streamlining the process.

Biggest Win

Analytics data from one month before the launch was compared to data from one month after the launch. The data showed that the bounce rate for all visitors had improved by 23%, pages viewed per session improved by 14%, and organic traffic from mobile devices improved by 16%.

Additional Information

In addition to an improved bounce rate, more pages viewed per session and an increase in organic mobile traffic, other analytics metrics showed improvement as well.

  • Pages per session on mobile devices improved by 12%
  • Bounce rate for mobile devices decreased by 4%
  • Total sessions from mobile users increased by 2%

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Evans & Dixon Responsive Website

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