The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort
Mobile-First Design for a WordPress Blog

The Challenge

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort is a long-time client of Unidev’s. We have had the opportunity to work with them on a number of digital marketing projects, including their social media strategies, a responsive website, paid search strategies, and search engine optimization, to name a few. Recently, they partnered with Unidev to update their blog. The resort staff spends a lot of time researching and writing engaging blog posts, but with mobile-first changes to search engines, their blog wasn’t getting the traffic it had previously. Along with the blog needing to be responsive, it needed a fresh design to match the more recently updated main website.

The Opportunity

Unidev’s web design and development team created a responsive blog in the WordPress content management system. The CMS meets the demands of mobile-first indexing and allows blog administrators to easily update content and publish new posts. Unidev’s team updated the existing plugins and added new ones for better image compression, improved page speed, and social sharing functionality.

The Win

The new responsive blog redesign allows for more mobile traffic, as well as additional traffic being driven back to the main website. Comparing the periods from before and after the redesign, total blog sessions increased by 20%, mobile device traffic was up by 92%, and referrals to the main website jumped by a staggering 380% due to effective call-outs that were added to the blog.

The changes also resulted in faster page load times and provided users more ways to find relevant posts to their interests. With content covering various topics, including weddings, meetings, golf, vacations, and more, we needed a simple way to categorize the topics, while ensuring the blog looked as fun as the resort itself. We used large images at the top of pages, but also added different galleries to the home page so users could find posts by category, date, most recent, and a new travel guide that provides evergreen content about traveling to St. Simons Island.

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