KMT Waterjet
Responsive Design for an International Site

The Challenge

The client, KMT Waterjet, an industrial products manufacturer, needed a new responsive website that would showcase their international presence online with the same features as their old site, but with additional functionality. The client provided a new responsive design that they wanted built in the Auctori content management system, as well as a way to showcase their products based upon the country where the user was located.

The Solution

Unidev created a new responsive site for KMT Waterjet built in Auctori. The new site provides users an optimal experience while allowing them to access the site from any device with access to a web browser and internet connection. Unidev’s developers added custom code to the master pages to detect which product pages should be shown based on the user’s location, the U.S. or Germany.

Biggest Win

The product pages on the new mobile-friendly site now showcase OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) products based on user location.

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