Scaling Azure Cloud to Accommodate Growth

The Challenge

A client in the logistics and warehousing industry experienced growth when they suddenly got new clients who inundated their servers with traffic. This caused their systems to come to a halt, maxing out their server resources.

The Solution

A quick Azure upgrade where both the database and app servers were initially increased 1 level to accommodate the new growth. With a maximum of 10-15 minute downtime for adjustment in the server capacity, the change showed that one of the servers was still running at 100% and needed another increase. Servers were increased another level which proved successful.

One of our skilled developers identified and altered a few areas in the code where performance bottlenecks existed with how the data was being sent to and from the servers. This modified code along with simply scaling the hardware will help prevent this from happening in the future.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • C#
  • .Net

Biggest Win

Within a few minutes, systems were back up and running without further issue. It was also determined that one of the servers did not need to be scaled up and was easily put back to its original size so the client is not paying for the extra capacity they weren’t going to use. The ease of Azure allows for rapid adjustments to suit the client’s changing needs.

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Unidev Case Study - Scaling Azure Cloud

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