Upgrading a Reporting System with Custom Development

The Challenge

A client in the education industry needed an enhancement to their existing website in order to create ad hoc reports, save them, and email them out on a scheduled interval to specific email addresses of their clients.

The Solution

Unidev created an enhancement to the client's existing website which allowed the ad-hoc reports to be customizable with unique data columns, reporting criteria, and date/time range for each individual report. These reports were then able to be emailed out at the scheduled intervals.

The element that made this project unique is that it utilized an older version of PHP and the reporting component was comprised of different areas of code that had to be combined, then updated to work in an ad hoc fashion.


  • Linux / Unix
  • PHP

Biggest Win

The biggest win on this project was seeing the correct report results emailed out at the scheduled interval.

Unidev Case Study - Upgrading a Reporting System Image

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