Unidev Supports the Las Vegas Startup Community

by Jennifer Espelien

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Unidev is partnering with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Startup Center by offering complimentary consultations to help startup entrepreneurs identify tech development requirements for new business ideas.

“Our center serves the needs of the entrepreneur and startup community of Las Vegas by offering free advice on navigating the regulatory, licensing, planning, financial and other hurdles of starting and owning a business,” said Justin McVay, UNLV Startup Center Director. “With the majority of the 110+ current clients we serve, software and tech development is an essential counseling component, yet most founders do not have the capital to pay for web-developer consultation fees.”

Unidev is providing tech development expertise to clients of the UNLV Startup Center by guiding them through a discovery process. Unidev developers share their expertise on existing web applications, platforms and software to help the business owner determine what they will need to make their idea become a reality.

“Our advisors assist business founders throughout the napkin-to-execution phase of a new business, but have limited tech development expertise” said McVay. “This partnership with Unidev will not only allow us to bridge that expertise gap, but serve to expand the footprint of tech development and talent in the Las Vegas startup community.”

The UNLV Startup Center opened in Spring 2013 and is headquartered on the UNLV campus, as well as having satellite offices in the Rob Roy InNEVation Center, the Historic Fifth Street School and the Henderson Office of Economic Development. The center does not collect fees nor take any equity in the companies it assists, but is part of the Nevada Small Business Development Center program and funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Learn more about the UNLV Startup Center at www.unlvstartup.org.