Craftsmanship Matters

The Story of Our Seal

Hundreds of years ago, sword makers in Germany marked their work with the etching of a wolf, creating an icon to represent their mastery. We believe that craftsmanship matters in our services as well. Look for the seal that shows we stand behind the work we produce.

From about the year 1200 until around 1750, Passau swords were considered amongst the finest swords in the world. Each sword was marked with the town symbol to identify its origin and signify that it was of the highest quality. It indicated that their work stood out from the pack, that it was unique. Think of these symbols as some of the earliest trademarks. Over time, legend has it that the mark conveyed invulnerability to the owner making swords with the mark even more valuable.

The running wolf symbol that we chose is from a Passau sword which dates back to circa 1580. Just as those early blacksmiths did, we’ve taken this symbol as our trademark to say that we are proud of what we do, and we stand behind our work. We offer leading edge technologies, and we stand behind our craftsman's mission to work hard, be transparent and deliver quality software that makes our customers successful.

At Unidev, we are not just software developers; we don’t just implement software. We are builders and craftspeople just like the blacksmiths who originally pounded the running wolf symbol into the blade of a sword. We make software the right way. We use the right coding and security practices even when people don’t see it because we take pride in our work and what we build. It’s these little touches that make a difference. We’re not just selling you a hammer with which to build a house; we help you realize your dream for your life in that new home. We make software right with a vision of the future in mind.

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