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Custom Software Development

We get to know your needs in order to design the ideal solution for your company.

Engage a team of expert developers to build your software, enable a unique business model, or upgrade your legacy system. With Unidev, you're getting over 25 years of experience and the best developers in the business.

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Custom Java Development

Java Development

The term Java encompasses much more than just programming. Whether you need a new Java application or just need to keep up with current technology advancements, you can rely on our Java application developers to find a personalized solution to meet the needs of your business. As a trusted Java partner, our team of seasoned developers is experienced with Java architecture and best practices.

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Custom .Net Development

Custom .NET Development

At Unidev, our custom development team realizes that every custom solution is just a means to an end fulfilling a business need for our clients. We develop solutions that offer short turnaround times, low ownership costs, overcome non-scalable applications, and minimize complicated deployments.

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Custom Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Mobile application development is more important than ever these days. Unidev specializes in creating secure, complex, and highly integrated business applications. By leveraging the Xamarin platform, we also target the device that meets your needs. If you are looking for an enterprise-level application developed for any device with your business rules in mind, we can help.

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Custom CMS Development

CMS Development

Need to build a website with ultimate control over content using a customized CMS solution? At Unidev, our approach to content management takes the trouble out of building, managing, and hosting the most critical component of an online business -- your website. A content management system allows you to control your own content on your website without any advanced technical training.

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Custom Legacy Application Ports

Legacy Application Ports

Modernizing legacy applications can make them more responsive, efficient, and stable but making that decision can be a daunting task. Unidev’s team of experts can help you understand the pros and cons involved in migrating a legacy application to current technologies. We will make sure business rules are maintained and any new functionality is seamlessly integrated.

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Custom Software Development

Software Development

Enterprise level software development is rarely satisfied with open source or off the shelf solutions. Even with the best matching platforms, custom software development is often required to meet business needs and deliver results. Our expert team of software developers will work with you to develop the optimum solution.

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Meet Some of Our Architects

Caleb Miller

Enterprise Consultant, System Architect

"To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late" 

Caleb has 10 years of experience developing cutting edge web technologies with CMS based products like Sitecore and Umbraco. He's especially proud of his work creating an iPhone case customizer that has been commercially featured in NYC Times Square.

Outside of work he enjoys speedcubing, riding motorcycles, and camping with his family.

Jim Crosby

Sales Engineer, Business Analyst

"Check for null" 

Jim has 15 years developing and architecting solutions using various .NET platforms such as Sitecore, Umbraco, Sitefinity, as well as custom built applications.

He also analyzes software for customers that need assistance with existing software solutions.

In his spare time, Jim is a semi professional musician, playing in several local bands. His other interests include riding motorcycles, building old cars, and spending time with his family and dogs.

Ron Howard

Senior Systems Architect

"Learning is a lifelong process"

Ron has a strong background in Electrical Engineering with over 30 years of system design experience with Distributed Processing. Using this skill set, he architects and designs out complex systems using Services and Message Oriented Middleware that provides the flexibility and extensibility for future application growth.

Ron's interests include custom Arduino kits, restoring classic cars, and forming parts with his garage-sized metal shop and foundry.

Spenser Lorance

Project Manager

"When people talk, listen completely"

Spenser’s diverse background includes marketing, project management, and customer support in a variety of fields. Using this experience, he approaches projects from both a development and client perspective ensuring they are completed within scope, on time, and on budget.

In his free time, Spenser enjoys golfing, playing softball, and hiking with his wife.  




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