Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is more important than ever these days, and today’s users expect the ability to access your service at any time on any device.

  • Tapping into the mobile market / expanding your customer base.
  • Increasing ROI.
  • Providing a better user experience.
  • Reworking of an existing legacy application.
  • Increasing employee productivity with an internal application.

From increased revenue to increased productivity, Unidev will build you the custom mobile application your business needs.

Why Unidev

There are plenty of firms out there that develop mobile apps. What sets Unidev apart is our specialization in secure, complex, and highly integrated business applications. Anyone can create a basic mobile application, but very few companies truly understand what it takes to bring a complex project from conception to production on time and on budget.

So, why Unidev? Our goal is to make sure you get what your business needs, so we take our proven custom development process and apply it to your mobile application. We work with you and your team to determine the best solution to your need. This includes:

  • Working with you on the initial concepts.
  • Application design, user experience and use cases.
  • Helping iron out business rules and providing guidance on best practices for a mobile application.
  • Incremental deployments for consistent feedback and testing.
  • We understand priorities change and have an extremely flexible development process.
  • We leverage the Xamarin platform which allows us to target any device with a single codebase using .NET and C#.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your application fills the business need that you have.

Why Xamarin

We use the Xamarin platform because frankly it just makes sense to us. We have seen the following benefits by using Xamarin during our development processes:

  • Allows us to leverage our extensive C# .NET experience and apply that to the mobile world.

  • No longer do we need someone with Objective C and someone with Java experience. Our C# experts can now work on all platforms of the application.

  • This allows anyone on the custom development team to get ramped up and be productive quickly on the project in the event deadlines are changed or more functionality is required.

  • Incremental deployments for consistent feedback and testing.

  • Greatly decreases development costs since we no longer have to develop an application for each operating system.

  • Instead of writing an application for each specific platform, Xamarin allows us to write shared C# code that can be leveraged by all devices and platforms.

  • Easy transition to your internal IT department.

  • Unidev is happy to support your project post production, but if there is a need to transfer it to your internal IT department, Xamarin makes it easy.

Mobile Application Development St. Louis

Centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri, Unidev serves mobile app development clients locally, nationally, and internationally. Our custom development team can also provide custom software development, legacy application ports, CMS development, and .NET development if that is what your business needs.

If you need custom design or already have a design and need your comps converted to the latest HTML5, Unidev can provide those services for you as well.

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