Project Management

Planning Phase

During this phase, the project manager will develop a plan based on the requirements obtained from the customer. The planning phase helps the project manager develop an understanding of the overall approach to a project and helps identify resources that he or she will need during the development process.

The project planning phase includes:

  • Communication plan
  • A work breakdown structure
  • Resource planning
  • Schedule
  • Test plan
  • Deployment Strategy
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Development Phase

During the development phase, the project manager will coordinate schedules, manage resources and assign tasks from the documentation, requirements, and process flows either provided or architected during the development team’s planning phase.

Monitor and Control Phase

The project manager will then maintain an ongoing audit of each task as they are assigned out to the development team during the development process. This stage is also called the project audit or control phase and consists of an ongoing project schedule that will be used to accomplish the project requirements set forth during the work breakdown structure.

Testing Phase

During this phase, the project manager will assign out tasks to our quality assurance team to investigate the quality of the product that we developed during the development process. The testing phase will also provide rigorous testing set forth for an independent view and help the development team understand the risks, discrepancies, and bugs that will inhibit a successful deployment. The overall quality, security, and competency of each product is our focus for every product that we deliver to our clients.

Deployment Phase

At Unidev, we understand how important the project manager role is in the deployment process. The responsibility of the project manager during the deployment phase is to manage the release of the core technology or solution into a production environment, stabilize the deployment, and transition the project to operations and support.

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