Digital Marketing News

Challenges of In-House Marketing

There are some benefits to having an in-house marketing team; there are also a number of challenges that can be overcome with the support of an outside marketing partner. Learn more about the challenges of in-house marketing here.

5 Tools to Build Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is an increasingly popular form of advertising and brand building and tapping into influencers on social media can be very beneficial for businesses. Learn more about influencer marketing and how to build you influencer marketing campaigns here.

Introduction to Blending Data in Google Data Studio

With the ability to pull data from a variety of platforms, how do you combine the metrics from multiple sources into one table or chart in Google Data Studio? Learn how in this introduction to blending data in Google Data Studio.

2018 Digital Marketing Holiday Checklist

It’s not too early to start planning your online marketing checklist for the holiday season. Included are key strategies to implement for the holiday season.

Important Dates to Remember for Your 2018 Digital Holiday Preparation

Don’t miss these opportunities to connect with your customers and reach new customers as you plan your 2018 online marketing strategies for the holidays.

How to Compress an Image

Did you know that it's important to compress images before uploading them to a website? Learn why compressing images helps with website usability and how to compress an image.

What is Job Posting Schema?

With job listings so competitive, it’s important to make sure that they’re properly optimized. Search engines are the primary resource candidates use when looking for jobs, so how do you attract applicants to your listings? Learn about job schema and why it's important here.

We Share Because We Care: St. Louis Business Expo Spring 2018

Find out about the highlights and key takeaways at the the St. Louis Business Expo and get Jennifer's take on it. Read more here.

We Share Because We Care: MDMC18

A few of our team members attended the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC18) at Union Station. Read about their key takeaways from the event here.

Google Data Studio – Creating Beautiful Reports

Data visualization is getting easier with new tools like Google Data Studio. Find more information and learn how to get started with Google Data Studio here.

How to Add a Custom Thumbnail to a YouTube Video

The thumbnail is an important element in video marketing. Follow these step by step instructions to learn how to create a custom thumbnail for a YouTube video.

Cultivating a Learning Culture in Your Company

Companies with learning cultures, in which continuing education is valued, thrive. Find important steps in creating a culture of learning in your organization.

Build Brand Communities With Your Global Social Strategy

Learn the potentials and pitfalls in creating an international social media strategy for your business.

Marketing Your Law Firm 101

Law firms market something unique – a promise. How do you sell someone a promise? That's where innovative web design and digital marketing come in.

When is Having a Website a Strategic Disadvantage?

It takes more than just having a website - an outdated or hard-to-use site can actually hurt your business. Learn why having an updated website is one of the most important parts of having an online presence.

HVAC and Plumbing Web Marketing Strategies

Online marketing and web design tips for HVAC and plumbing websites. Get the latest trends in driving more traffic to your site and edging out the competition!

Ten Things You Should Never Do On Twitter

Twitter is an ever-growing social network and ever-important asset in marketing your company. The unique formatting of the site allows you to reach an expanding pool of customers: current, past and potential.

Decoding QR Codes: How To Format Data for QR Code Generators

Without question, QR codes play an important role in the current advertising and marketing environment.

How to Track Facebook Ad Traffic Using Google Analytics

Are you finding a huge discrepancy between your Facebook Analytics and your Google Analytics?

YouTube Video Transcription: The step-by-step scoop on SEO’s most underappreciated tool

While many ways exist to SEO your videos, this post discusses precisely how transcription is done for video. Surprise! Welcome to one of the most interesting aspects of video search engine optimization (SEO).

St. Louis Spring Events Guide 2018

Spring is right around the corner, and there's so much to do in the St. Louis area. We've put together a list of exhibits, dances, seminars, movies, events, and other attractions to keep you busy this spring. View our list of fun spring events here.

Another Google Update: Penguin & Possum

Google keeps changing the search algorithm. Find out what Google’s Penguin and Possum updates mean for your business.