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Unidev is a proud partner of Globalscape®, a world leader in simple and secure file sharing. As your Globalscape consultant, Unidev will assess your needs and work with you to implement, maintain and support your Globalscape services. Our team of highly skilled architects and experienced developers assist with EFT, file transfer services, FTP services, secure transfer of documents, file and folder monitoring services, PGP encryption and other Globalscape services.

Being a Globalscape partner, Unidev provides a strong vendor relationship to help manage the information your firm exchanges worldwide in a simple to use, cost-effective, and compliant manner.

As a certified Globalscape Partner, Unidev assists with the following services:

Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™)

Globalscape’s Enhanced File Transfer (EFT™) is a powerful replacement for old legacy FTP servers. It allows for the tracking of file movement from beginning to end and identifies issues with your file transfer process to make your business more efficient.

  • Replace or merge legacy file transfer systems
  • Track file movement
  • Scalable file transfer solution
  • Automate workflows
  • High security
  • EFT modules
  • End-user clients

Mail Express®

Securely send large files with enhanced visibility and control

  • Encrypt email messages and attachments
  • Process files with antivirus or data loss prevention tools
  • Secure your files
  • View and track email files
  • Exchange large files of unlimited size
  • Secure proprietary data in the trusted network


Secure access to all your files wherever they are via any device. scConnect is a new file synchronization and share solution that gives enterprise users secure content mobility providing the ability to share and access data anytime on any device while giving IT admins control and oversight.  

  • Control your data, control your network
  • More secure than cloud services
  • Share and access your data on any device
  • Eliminate storage constraints
  • Manage user access

Wide Area File Service (WAFS)

Synchronize files anywhere in the world, eliminate errors, and decrease bandwidth usage. Files can be located in the cloud while providing remote files access from anywhere.

  • Synchronize files anywhere in the world
  • Save time, money, and frustration
  • Easy access
  • Real time data
  • Work offline with automatic file synchronization
  • Fast LAN speed for remote file access, replication, and sharing

Professional Services

Globalscape offers a range of professional services and product solutions.

  • Product customization and system integration
  • Customized reporting
  • Customized administration
  • Solution quick start implementation
  • Business process and workflow
  • Policy development
  • Education and training

Contact Unidev today, to find out how our Globalscape consultants can support your organization with the essential tools to secure file transfers, track file movement, manage your transfer solution, meet compliance, and secure files of unlimited sizes with synchronization and automation.

Case Studies

U.S. Army (pdf)

Prudential Realty (pdf)

MEP Associates (pdf)

For more case studies, visit the Globalscape website.

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