Local PPC Strategy & Management

The Challenge

A St. Louis HVAC installation and repair company had been a long-time SEO and website client of Unidev when they decided to move their PPC management to Unidev as well.

The following challenges set the account apart:

  • A highly competitive industry with an expensive cost per click meant that the campaigns need a high conversion rate to result in a positive return on ad spend. This meant ensuring ads only show to highly qualified users.
  • All ads needed to be targeted to the service areas within St. Louis.
  • The traffic is seasonal, which limits campaigns to only short bursts throughout the year.
  • Many searchers are seeking information outside of the direct buying cycle (DIY, how-to, research, job opportunities in the HVAC field, etc.) which had to be filtered out completely.

The Opportunity

Unidev jumped in to restructure their existing PPC campaigns optimized by the time spring’s mild weather started to turn hot and air conditioning season was in full swing.

The plan included the following:

  • New campaigns created with a clear hierarchical structure.
  • Corresponding PPC landing pages.
  • A mix of keyword targeting types.
  • Fully optimizing all components of the campaigns, including site extensions and refinement of settings.
  • Dynamic insertion of location names to show targeted ads to potential customers based on their current location.
  • Excluding searches where users were looking for services they did not provide, such as car repair, job seekers, DIYers, etc.
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustments while the campaigns were active.

The Results

After launching the campaign on time, Unidev monitored it closely for opportunities to optimize the campaign. By the end of summer, it was clear that the campaign had been a success.

There are several wins worth mentioning that Unidev has been able to achieve with the account, including:

  • 11% of users clicking through on an ad or submitted a request form throughout the life of the campaigns.
  • Clickthrough rate increased by an amazing 1,110% compared to campaigns that had run before Unidev’s changes.
  • While cost-per-click remained the same, we were able to bid on much higher quality keywords for the same amount.

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