Digital Marketing Case Studies

SEO Title Tags for Web Performance

See how updating SEO title tags for a popular hospitality website increased overall page performance.

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Increasing B2B Leads

Find out how Unidev increased organic traffic and generated qualified leads through targeted SEO and PPC improvements.

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Targeting Local PPC Strategy

View details on our success in increasing clickthrough and conversion rates for a St. Louis company by using PPC techniques aimed at increasing local business.

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Localizing National Ad Copy

In this case study, learn how our team used dynamic ad copy to help a national company cater to people in respective cities and states.

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Increasing Video Views on YouTube

See how a targeted YouTube ad campaign helped a luxury resort dramatically increase views and engagement on one of the world's biggest social media platforms.

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Studying Branded Ad Campaigns

Get a look into how we used concrete data to determine the efficacy of running a branded Google Ads campaign for a well-known beach resort.

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Improving Website Page Speed

Learn how Unidev improved website page speed for a utilities provider and a company in the healthcare industry.

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Expanding Meta Descriptions

Find out how expanding meta descriptions as part of a client's SEO efforts improved organic CTR and sessions.

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