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Do I need PPC when I'm doing SEO

PPC and SEO are different parts of a marketing strategy that can be done separately, but work best when done together. SEO can take a long time, but delivers consistent results without paying. PPC requires you continuously pay for clicks, but offers a variety of strategies to find new customers beyond what is possible with SEO.


  • Create a strong website foundation
  • Ongoing, long-term ROI
  • Higher potential traffic
  • Don't pay for clicks
  • Can improve user experience


  • Rank immediately
  • Reach your audience anywhere online
  • Various targeting options
  • Easily quantifiable ROI
  • Collect data for other marketing channels

Our Process

1- Communicate

First, our team learns how you do what you do, your goals, and why you are the best. You get a dedicated project manager and full transparency throughout the project.

2- Research

We map the PPC landscape and your competitors, and then recommend the best keywords, target audience, effective messaging, and bid and budget levels.

3- Strategize

We build a customized digital strategy for your business based on your KPIs and budget, with the goal of bringing you the highest ROI.

4- Execute

We work with you to finalize our approach and then we execute it with careful attention to detail – our craft is our pride.

5- Monitor

We monitor and optimize campaigns on an ongoing basics and provide a detailed monthly report. We never want our reports to go unopened – we customize these to reflect your KPIs and have access to paid agency tools that allow us to provide insights to drive business decisions.

We are a full service digital marketing agency, learn more about our:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Is PPC for Small Business?

Pay Per Click can be an excellent way for small businesses to build their brand, drive conversions, and compete with larger companies. However, with a more restricted budget, it's important to show on the right platforms to the right people. Check out this infographic with the pros and cons of PPC platforms.

2 - What is Pay Per Click?

Our pricing is determined by the time it takes us to develop the ads as well as the number of campaigns and ad groups and the variety of campaign types – since this influences the amount of time maintenance and optimization will take each month as well as reporting time. Price is also determined by the number of reports you want – we recommend monthly reporting but quarterly and weekly reporting are also available.

3 - How is PPC Pricing Determined?

Essentially, our bid is based on how many hours we think it will take to do your project right the first time. SEO is truly one those areas where you get what you pay for. If someone gives you a number that is too good to be true, it probably is. You may find the content is not high-quality, that they don’t do their research ahead of time, or that they use black hat tactics to build low-quality links that can get you penalized by Google down the line.

4 - Why Unidev St. Louis PPC?

Our values are communication, craftsmanship, and transparency. We approach PPC the same way -  we communicate with you to understand your strengths and your pain points, then we strategize and build the right solution just for you.

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