Auctori CMS Case Study
An Intuitive, ManyLingual CMS

The Challenge

In 2008, Unidev recognized the need for a web content management system that was accessible, mobile-friendly, and would make search engine optimization easy. Additionally, Unidev found companies needed the ability to collaborate with employees in different parts of the world on the same website. Existing content management systems did not provide a user interface in multiple languages. The need for a multilingual content management system to accommodate international employees, website visitors, and prospects became evident.

The Opportunity

Unidev introduced Auctori web CMS in 2009 as the answer for clients seeking an intuitive system for website management. Auctori is a SaaS product designed for small, medium, large, and enterprise companies. Scalable and secure, Auctori is a ManyLingual CMS built for search engine optimization. It consists of standard and custom features and modules which allow companies countless options when creating a website for their business.

Additionally, Auctori is customizable. The Unidev team frequently modifies Auctori’s features to accommodate client requests. Knowing that every company is unique, Unidev built Auctori with the flexibility so that company websites can be unique as well.

Accessible as well as secure, Auctori is a high performance, fully supported CMS that boasts daily backups and around-the-clock technical support. Auctori can be accessed from anywhere in the world through any device with an internet connection. The easy-to-use interface also makes it simple for website administrators to make changes with no knowledge of programming or coding.

To address the need for an international CMS, Auctori was designed to provide a user interface in different languages. So, for companies whose website administrators speak another language, Auctori allows users to change profile settings so the Auctori interface is instantly translated into the administrator's native language. Auctori allows for seamless translation into Chinese, Spanish, German, and many other languages. Auctori also provides the capability to launch websites in virtually any language and allows multiple languages on the same page using its ManyLingual technology.

The Solution

Auctori has grown rapidly and today serves hundreds of clients in variety of industries including legal, financial services, medical, municipal, education, nonprofit, and more. Auctori is an effective business solution for many different industries due to its versatility and the fact that the platform is so customizable. With integration and applications for services firms, government, large corporations, small businesses, and educational institutions, Auctori fits the demands of virtually any business structure.

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