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What is a Dedicated Project Manager?

Some companies have dedicated project managers, and some don’t. Before you decide which development company you want to partner with, it is wise to understand what exactly a dedicated project manager is, what the cost will be, and what the benefit is.

Understanding Website Cookie Notices

You might have noticed that most websites now have a disclaimer that pops up mentioning the use of cookies. Unfortunately, that disclaimer isn’t talking about a sweet treat. Learn more about cookies and what they are here.

Do You Own Your Source Code?

You need to make sure that when the project is done, you own your source code. Read about why it’s important and what it means to own your source code here.

Why Outsource Development Needs to a Tech Company?

There are several advantages of working with an outside tech company. We've broken down a few of the main benefits here.

Understanding Developer Titles

This quick breakdown of developer title lingo will give you a better understanding of the different roles and responsibilities of developers.

5 More Questions to Ask a Custom Development Partner

Knowing the questions to ask prospective companies before hiring them is an important part of the process when selecting a custom software development partner.

5 Questions to Ask a Potential Custom Development Partner

The questions in this article can help you determine who should be on your company’s short list of potential partners for custom software development.

Custom Software vs. Customized Software

The term custom software is often used to describe customized software. Understand the difference between customized software and true custom-built software.

Reviewing Digital Images, a Pixel Story

We review what digital images are, how we generate them, how they are stored in memory, and how we use them.

Test of Spring MVC Annotations

Spring 3 MVC annotation based controller make Unit Testing real easy and straight forward.

XLS-FO Tips and Tricks

Here, we share a few XSL-FO tips, specifically on PDF generation using the FOP Framework.

Password Storage Best Practices

With the several high profile security breaches so far this year, security is on the forefront of most developers minds, or it should be.

Copying a database from MS SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2005

If you have a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database and need to copy or move it to SQL Server 2005, you cannot simply use the Backup and Restore operations.

Calling Web Service Over SSL Using Spring

As a Systems Engineer at Unidev I work on a wide variety of projects and my most recent project requires web service calls via SSL.

Simple Regular Expression Phone Number Validation

When creating an online form to collect contact information, the phone number box is a field frequently requested by clients.

Java Calendar and Date Operations

This is a guide on how to perform specific functions for the calendar and date operations in Java.

Restrictions on table alias in Hibernate Criteria sqlRestriction

Here you will find out how to get around SQLRestrictions on Criteria.

ORA-30926: Unable To Get a Stable Set of Rows in The Source Tables

Merge statement can be used if you are trying to use transformed data fetched from a set of tables to update another table.

Clob Processing in Java, Spring and Hibernate

This blog shows how to save CLOB to a Relational Database using Java, Spring and Hibernate.

Build Brand Communities With Your Global Social Strategy

Learn the potentials and pitfalls in creating an international social media strategy for your business.

Calling Oracle Stored Procedure from Hibernate

While calling Oracle stored procedure from Hibernate there are couple of rules that we need to follow.

Bind XML message to Java objects using JiBX – JiBX Binding Tutorial

Companies are moving more and more towards service oriented architecture (SOA) and SOA services communicate with well formatted XML message.

New Features in Java 7.0 With Examples

Java 7.0 came up with a number of new features including the Diamond operator in Generics, Strings in switch statement, multi catch exception handling, underscores in numeric literals, Fork and Join and also new File system API (NIO 2.0).

Oracle PL/SQL Date Functions

All examples given here selects from DUAL table and DUAL table is a special one row table present by default in all Oracle database installations.