Web Design News

Understanding Website Cookie Notices

You might have noticed that most websites now have a disclaimer that pops up mentioning the use of cookies. Unfortunately, that disclaimer isn’t talking about a sweet treat. Learn more about cookies and what they are here.

What is Job Posting Schema?

With job listings so competitive, it’s important to make sure that they’re properly optimized. Search engines are the primary resource candidates use when looking for jobs, so how do you attract applicants to your listings? Learn about job schema and why it's important here.

How to Compress an Image

Did you know that it's important to compress images before uploading them to a website? Learn why compressing images helps with website usability and how to compress an image.

.NET ZIP Code Validation Using Regular Expressions

Web developers often have requirements to build forms on web pages for users to fill out. Many websites request a physical postal address for such purposes as contact information or billing data for eCommerce.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Design: A Breakdown

Understand what is a mobile website, what is responsive design, and why is it more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website to reach all visitors.

Display a Nested List Inside Another Repeater

A simple way to display a list of data is to use an asp:Repeater.

How to Perform a Website Checkup

A ten question checklist to help you evaluate your website’s overall health.

When is Having a Website a Strategic Disadvantage?

It takes more than just having a website - an outdated or hard-to-use site can actually hurt your business. Learn why having an updated website is one of the most important parts of having an online presence.

Duplication and Rotation with Adobe Illustrator’s Transform Tool

Adobe Illustrator’s transform function allows designers to scale, duplicate and rotate objects or graphics. As we will illustrate in this blog post, scaling, duplication and rotation provide incredibly robust design functionality.