Three Reasons to Use Wanelo for Your Ecommerce Business

by Amanda Gabbert

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Wanelo (wah-nee-lo) is a social sharing site for products; think of it as an online catalog from an unlimited number of stores organized by users themselves. Wanelo gets its name from the terms “Want, Need, Love,” which is fitting for the way items can be categorized. The site focuses on ecommerce by combining the design and categorization that visitors enjoy from Pinterest with the ability to purchase items directly from vendors without hassle.

Before you think that Wanelo is trying to piggyback off of Pinterest’s success, it is worth noting that both sites were established in 2010. The year they started isn’t the only thing these sites have in common. Both platforms come to users from California, Pinterest from Palo Alto and Wanelo from San Francisco, and both provide users with a similar look, layout and functionality.

So your business is already on Pinterest, why should you use Wanelo? With the recent addition of business profiles to Pinterest, a lot of ecommerce sites have gotten on board (pun intended), but that doesn’t mean that Wanelo doesn’t offer just as much to ecommerce companies. Here are three reasons you should consider adding Wanelo to your list of social platforms.

Business Pages

The first advantage of creating a Wanelo account is that you are able to establish a verified store page. By joining Wanelo as a user and posting items from your business using the bookmarklet, you are able to officially register your business. Once registered, Wanelo users can easily follow you, recommend your products, and add items to their personal “collections”. Adding “Save” buttons to your site is a great way to let visitors know of your Wanelo presence and allow them to post items onto their personal pages. Once a product is posted by a user, it will show up in their network’s feed. Big brands are currently establishing their presence on Wanelo; companies like Urban Outfitters, Brookstone and Anthropologie are all taking advantage of the social sharing this growing platform has to offer.

Recommended Products

Not only does Wanelo allow users to categorize products based on a hash tag system (similar to Twitter and Instagram categorization), they can also share and recommend products to their friends. Found the perfect bridesmaid dress for your friend’s upcoming wedding, a gift idea for your mom, or an item your cousin has been searching for but unable to find? Tag them and they will be able to access and purchase the item directly from the store’s website. When users have been tagged, products are saved on their profile under the “tagged for you” section allowing them to easily access these products.

Ecommerce Functionality

Possibly the most important reason your website should be on Wanelo, the ecommerce functionality. Purchasing products from Wanelo is extremely easy. When individuals log in to their Wanelo account, the trending products for that day are displayed in a newsfeed fashion.

When scrolled over, products display the option to tag a friend or save to one of your collections. Beneath these two options is the product information, the user who posted the item and a link to the site where the item can be purchased.

If you click through to the product source, you are taken to a landing page where you again are given the options to save, buy, tag, view comments, view additional items posted by this user and additional items posted from the original website.

If you opt to buy, you are taken to the landing page on the original site where the product can be viewed in greater detail and purchased directly.

The process works the same if individuals are following your store on Wanelo, but rather than seeing products from different shops they would only view the items available from your store.

Not only does having a business page allow you to post your own merchandise, but the addition of “Save” buttons on your site encourages your visitors to post products to their collections as well. The result? Increased traffic to your website and a potential influx of sales. What do you have to lose? If you have an ecommerce website and haven’t created a Wanelo account you are missing out on great sales opportunities from this growing platform. More questions about using Wanelo for businesses? Please contact us today.