Website Page Speed Case Study

The Challenge

A utilities provider and a company in the healthcare industry each contacted Unidev with slow site issues. Studies have found that even a one second delay in load time can result in a 7% decrease in conversions. Even a lag unnoticed by users can be noted by search engines and can hurt rankings. Whether the audience is accessing the site from a desktop or mobile device, slow load times negatively impact search engine ranking. Google continues to increase the importance of website loading speed and update their page speed testing tool to include helpful details such as competitor information and the number of visitors the site may be losing due to slow load times.

The Opportunity

To improve website speed, Unidev's marketing team evaluated both websites with a holistic site audit and then created a plan to address technical SEO elements. After reviewing the plans with each client, Unidev’s marketing team worked with our front-end development team to make the necessary updates and adjustments to the websites. Our teams followed and implemented Google’s recommendations for improving page speed including optimizing images, eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS, enabling compression, leveraging browser caching, and minifying CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

The Results

The result of these website updates astounded showing significantly better scores on Google’s page speed tool immediately after the implementation of the updates. In both cases, the companies saw drastic improvements in page speed including:

  • A 63% improvement in desktop speed score for the utilities site as well as a 60% improvement in mobile speed score.
  • A 57% improvement in desktop speed score for the healthcare site.

To check your website page speed, use Google’s page speed tool. If you’re not happy with your website’s loading speed, contact us to see how we can help.

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