Website Strategy & Planning

The first step in any web development project is critical. Research and planning completed in this phase build a foundation for success.

Pricing for web design and strategy vary based on your individual site needs. This phase includes deliverables and elements listed below. 

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Strategy Session

To begin, we schedule a kickoff meeting with all key team members to discuss specific project needs: size, scope, goals, current/past strategies, audiences, KPIs, and more. From this meeting, your Customer Delivery Director develops a project proposal and estimated budget.

Industry Research

Based on project needs defined in the strategy session, we begin industry research. This includes key search trends, audience demographics, marketing landscape, and current positioning to define effective digital marketing KPIs. We provide your team with an industry benchmark report, including all relevant insights and metrics.

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Competitor Research

Using your suggestions and our initial research, our team digs deeper to determine how your competitors are performing across the web, and where there are opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. Advertising insights are included, such as network channels used for campaigns, audiences targeted by ads, and what budget is needed to get your intended results. The findings are shared in a competitor positioning report. 

Keyword Research

Next, our team researches average keyword search volumes and competitor keywords to determine core and secondary keywords for use across all marketing initiatives. We analyze your unique market's SEO landscape for relevant paid and organic keywords, and start tracking keyword rankings. An in-depth keyword report is provided with this information.

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Content Audit

Our team works with you to determine content priorities and evaluate current performance. We create a list of content recommendations to reach your defined goals and KPIs. We assign core focus terms to current and future content along with long-tail keywords to increase the likelihood of ranking higher in organic search results. You are provided a list of web pages to optimize and all relevant keyword metrics.

Sitemap Development

In this step, we determine the best place for content to live on the website - for both SEO purposes and user-accessibility. The foundation of every website is an optimized structure, organizing your content by priority and content for users to find exactly what they need. Your team is provided an updated HTML sitemap.

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Call-to-Action & Conversion Path Development

Based on your defined KPIs, our team determines the website conversions, the value associated with each, and then create custom goals to track in Google Analytics. We provide an optimized list of CTAs to use on specific landing pages, campaigns, and other content.


This element of your web strategy helps to illustrate how the site will look. The wireframe gives a visual representation of the user interface, but it does not contain any design elements such as colors, logos, etc. It describes the context of all elements being added to the page and their location.

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Based on your project goals and specifications, our team creates an outline of project phases and a timeline of key deliverables completion. The final document will include a quarterly breakdown of project deliverables, details, and processes.

Project Management

Successful projects require regular, transparent communication between all parties. This is where your Customer Delivery Director comes into the picture. Our Customer Delivery Directors are more than your average project manager. They serve as your advocate, strategist, and extra team member; ensuring your project is on track and exceeding expectations.

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Once the strategy phase is complete, the implementation phase begins.
Learn more about what to expect in the implementation phase, or contact us to discuss your website needs.

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