Website Strategy

The first step in any web development project is critical; miss the strategy phase, and the entire project may be wasted. The research and planning executed in this stage enables us to build a foundation for success.

Pricing for the Strategy phase starts at $9,650. This price includes all of the deliverables listed below. The following describes the elements included in the strategy phase.

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Strategy Session

To begin, we schedule a meeting with all key members to go over project needs: size, scope, goals, current/past strategies, audiences, KPIs, etc. From this meeting, a project proposal and estimated budget is developed.

Industry Research

Following the initial strategy session, we research key industry search trends, audience demographics, marketing efforts, and current positioning to determine effective digital marketing KPIs. We use this information to create an industry benchmark report.

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Competitor Research

Based on your suggestions and our research, our team dives into where your competitors are online, what they are doing, and where we can get a step ahead. This includes on which platforms they are advertising, to whom they are advertising, and how much they are spending to get results. From this information, we develop a competitor positioning report. 

Keyword Research

Next, our team researches relevant keyword volumes and competitor keywords to determine core and secondary keywords for use across all marketing initiatives. We perform a competition analysis for potential paid and organic keywords, and we begin tracking baseline keyword rankings. A primary/secondary keyword report is provided.

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Content Audit

Our team works with you to determine content priorities and evaluate current performance resulting in a list of content recommendations to reach determined goals. We assign main keywords to current and future text, building content with optimized contextual keywords to increase the likelihood of ranking higher in organic searches. At that point we deliver a prioritized list of pages to optimize and related keywords.

Sitemap Development

Here, we determine the best place for content to live on the website - for both SEO purposes and user-accessibility. Creating an optimized structure for all website content, we create an HTML sitemap.

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Call-to-Action & Conversion Path Development

Considering the purpose of the website, it is essential to determine valuable website conversions and set these up as goals in Google Analytics. We then create a list of CTAs to use on applicable landing pages, campaigns, and additional content.


During the strategy phase, we develop wireframes that help define how the entire site will look.
The wireframe gives a visual representation of the user interface, but it does not contain any design elements such as colors, logos, etc. It only describes the elements that will be added to the page and their location.

Graphic of Webpage Wireframe Layout
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Based on project goals and specifications, our team will create an outline of the project phases and a timeline of when key deliverables will be completed. The resulting document is a quarterly breakdown of project deliverables and details.

Project Management

Regular communication with a dedicated and experienced project manager is essential to the success of the entire process. The project manager serves as your advocate, strategist, and extra team member; having this ensures your project is on track and exceeding your expectations. This helps provide a regular communication channel and complete transparency.

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Once the strategy phase is complete, the implementation phase begins.
Learn more about what to expect in the implementation phase, or contact us to discuss your website needs.

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