To realize extraordinary dreams through ordinary means.



At Unidev, our vision is to be an organization filled with passionate people who are eager to help other passionate people achieve their dreams.

We envision a group of fearless dreamers. Creative, passionate individuals who enter the workplace as their full selves each day knowing that is who we need. That is who the world needs. We envision a company that invites dreamers in and helps them. We envision a company that collaborates to achieve greatness. A company where dreams become reality, and nothing is impossible.



Humanity: People are as feeble as they are infinitely powerful. It is critical for us to recognize and understand both. Moreover, it is up to each and every one of us to believe in our ability to be powerful as much as we believe in our ability to be feeble. At Unidev, we strive every day to achieve our potential amidst our faults.

Integrity: Doing things the right way. Being true to ourselves. Owning our destiny.

Perseverance: Driven by an unwavering belief in our potential, we power through adversity with fearless ingenuity.

Joy: Happiness makes it all worth it. Let happiness be our guide.



Unidev was established in 1990 by Greg and Joan Alexander who shared the vision of improving the lives of others. They saw how intelligently crafted software could simplify and enhance the work of others, and they envisioned a company culture that enabled passion and encouraged collaboration. With a head down attitude, the duo took their vision and made it into the successful enterprise it is today. The road wasn’t easy, but with each project, the care and attention to detail given to the customers and the systems being built continued to propel the company forward.

Over thirty years later in 2023, Greg and Joan decided to step away from the management side of the business. They put their trust and legacy into the hands of three loyal employees and transformed Unidev into a majority female owned and operated organization. Today, Unidev is recognized as one of St. Louis’ best in business for IT consulting while supporting clients and enabling dreams all around the world.


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