Secure, Modernized Java Solutions

One of the most popular programming languages, Java is used widely for application development across platforms. But popularity has its drawbacks: Java’s wide usage makes it a common target for hackers, cyberattacks, and malware.

At Unidev, we deliver highly secure, highly integrated Java solutions for a range of clients. With a strong track record in large-scale enterprise financial and logistics applications, we know how to plan for attacks and safely handle massive amounts of sensitive data.

Having worked on many large, dynamic projects, we know how to quickly improve performance and reduce operational costs by modernizing and optimizing code. And with a thorough understanding of both current and legacy systems, we can help integrate disparate code and streamline outdated processes. Any developer can start a project; but it takes a team with specialized skills and decades of industry experience to take complex, multi-layered in-development projects and move them forward. Whether you need Java code updated or created from scratch, Unidev can help.

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Bringing Our Expertise to Every Industry

Our enterprise clients rely on powerful systems to audit, reconcile, and share massive amounts of data. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and such large, complex applications take a lot of maintaining. We’ve worked on our share of these types of projects, and in addition to understanding the technical side, we’re also familiar with the relevant security and financial audit requirements. Thanks to our robust, dependable solutions, our clients can reliably provide data to financial institutions as needed, in accordance with all industry requirements.

While we’re well-suited to enterprise clients, we build connected, scalable solutions for all industries. Using the best tools of the trade, we create applications with a focus on growth and durability. Our solutions are easy to maintain long-term because we use strategies like web services and custom APIs. And they’re well-connected: interacting with websites, mobile devices, and IoT devices as needed for each of our clients. Whether building for an enterprise giant or a growing company, we bring solid expertise to every project.

Having worked on Java systems both large and small, current and legacy, we can handle everything from development and maintenance to optimization and remediation. Our development goes beyond just creating short-term solutions, and our remediation isn’t just a matter of “search and replace” edits to the code. When it comes to development, we create code to last. When it comes to remediation, we take a thorough look at the system to identify and fix any and all vulnerability issues.

Our services and solutions for Java include:

  • Large Scale Enterprise Solutions
  • Financial Applications
  • Web Services & APIs
  • Industry Specific Solutions
  • Security & Compliance
  • Data & Messaging Integration
  • Optimizations & Tuning
  • Full-Stack Development

Our Technology

As full-stack developers, we create and implement front-end web pages, mobile device applications, queues, databases, web services, and custom APIs—working on individual pieces or creating the entire product start to finish based on your needs. We care about the user experience, and we personally attend to every step of development, testing, integration, and delivery.

Over decades of Java development and maintenance, we’ve individually tested and proven each of the tools we currently use. Long experience allows us to leverage each strategy for a faster, more effective development process. For example, Spring Boot allows us to deliver solutions more rapidly than the industry standard, while using JMS for messaging and queuing enables us to more effectively handle workflows. We perform automated testing through JUnit, and rely on Maven for dependency and build management.

Rapid Development Framework

Messaging and Queuing

Automated Test Coverage

Database Connectivity

Directory Integration

Dependency Management

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