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In the IT world, JavaScript is everywhere—and so are developers claiming to be JavaScript experts. But Unidev has something most developers don’t: JavaScript experience that covers the past, present, and future. We’ve been working in JavaScript since the 90s, and as this technology continues to evolve, we keep adding to our skillset: allowing us to speak to the unique tools, frameworks, and applications of each individual project.

Another thing most JavaScript developers don’t have is familiarity with using JavaScript in more than one environment. With a wide variety of platforms and frameworks available, many developers focus on one or two, limiting the accessibility of their products. At Unidev, we leverage the open nature of JavaScript to create solutions that are truly cross-platform.

Whether you need help modernizing old code, improving an existing product, or building something new, you can depend on us: the bonafide JavaScript experts.

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Our JavaScript Expertise Includes…

Multiple Frameworks

Part of JavaScript’s power and popularity comes from its many frameworks: sets of tools that provide ready-made components to speed up development. Which framework to use often depends on the project, and some projects may use more than one. In any case, we’ve worked with multiple frameworks and can help manage different development tools seamlessly.


More Than Just Scripting

Many people think of JavaScript as only a scripting language, but its uses are far more diverse than just that. JavaScript can be used in frameworks like Node.js, Angular, and React Native, to name just a few. We’re familiar with all these frameworks and more, and we know how to use JavaScript for solutions like mobile and IoT projects, as well as for enterprise tasks like data anonymization, web services, and hardware integration.


Modernization and Remediation

Security issues can abound in older JavaScript code, and besides this, updating the code can help you better integrate and take advantage of new features. Plus, older JavaScript code may not run in new browsers or on mobile devices. We can modernize and remediate old JavaScript code to meet the goals of your organization.

JavaScript is most commonly used for webpages: to power the user experience in web and mobile browsing. But that’s not its only use. While we’re well-versed in using JavaScript to develop high-power webpages, we also have the expertise for other projects. And with experience dating back to the 90s, we have the necessary skills to modernize retired and deprecated code.

Our JavaScript capabilities include:

  • Web Page Integration
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Remediation & Modernization
  • Mobile Development
  • Data-Driven Solutions
  • Multiple Popular Frameworks

Our Technology

We use all the primary JavaScript frameworks, and our developers are experienced in Node.js, React, Vue.js, Angular, and React Native. Open-source communities play a large part in the power of these platforms, and we use the packages available in public repositories like npm.

Security and resiliency are always key concerns. To prevent the code from becoming lost if the application is damaged or destroyed, we use industry-best code management processes. To make your solution as successful and effective as possible, we use tools like JavaScript “compilers” to condense code, reduce loading time, and enhance overall performance.

Cross Platform Scripting Language

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