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Whether it’s a consumer product to extend your reach and strengthen your brand, or a custom tool to fill a need in your organization, a mobile app can be a significant step forward.

Unlike desktop and web development, mobile app development is constantly changing at a rapid pace. At Unidev, we’ve mastered the distinct skills and techniques required to build a successful mobile app, and we’re on the cutting edge of mobile technology. We deliver both depth and breadth: creating high-functioning apps with user-friendly designs.

Our experience ranges across operating systems and devices: iOS, Android, smartphone, tablet, iPad; and beyond just basic consumer apps: we understand cloud integration, mobile API development, and broad device support, among other things. Whatever your organization needs in the way of mobile technology, we’re well-qualified to build it and would love to help.

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item icon Industrial Usage (Barcode, RFID, Image Processing)

Delivering Custom Features and Integrations for Enterprise Apps

Whether your app needs to compete in a vast pool of alternate options or work flawlessly at solving your employee’s challenges, our developers know how to ensure that it does just that.

Our clean, seamless visual interfaces work perfectly for casual phone apps or industrial apps used by employees in safety gear. We also recognize the importance of managing internet connectivity, and we build apps that can perform in remote areas and busy environments such as a factory floor, where WiFi and cellular signals may be blocked. Locally stored databases, offline data persistence, and data refresh APIs help us provide high app functionality even when a device can’t connect to the internet.

Consumer apps are vastly different from industrial apps. Having built for logistics, transportation, and manufacturing clients, we know how to develop custom mobile apps that go beyond the basic consumer product. Using hardened devices, barcode, QR code, RFID and image processing, and machine identification, we create apps that work online, offline, and in every environment, and that include industrial features customized for your organization.

Enterprise mobile apps often need to integrate with devices like card readers, printers, and identification hardware. With experience in technologies such as BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), we understand how best to achieve this.

Experienced in both mobile app and custom software development, we can bridge the gap between your mobile solution and your enterprise data infrastructure. We provide the following capabilities for mobile app development:

  • Online/Offline Operations
  • Integrated Database
  • Casual, Office, Industrial Apps
  • Rich Graphical Interfaces
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Cloud API Integration

Our Technology

Cross-Platform or Either Platform

Need an app for Android? iOS? Both? We’ve got you covered. We develop for the two main operating systems (Android and iOS) and use tools like Xamarin and React Native to develop cross-platform. Rather than developing separately for each platform, these tools allow us to develop, implement, and maintain the product in less time using fewer resources. In cases where only one platform is needed, we’ll choose the development toolset that matches both the platform and your objectives for the app.

Hooking You Up With the Best Tech

For each project, we review your needs and objectives before choosing the technology and developers best suited to your mobile app. We have expertise with the following technologies:

Apple Mobile Device Technology

Globally Dominant Mobile Platform

Cross Mobile Platform Development

Cross Mobile Platform Development

Native Mobile Device Development

Native Mobile Device Development

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