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Most organizations don’t have a dedicated software development team, but sooner or later, most will need a customized solution, whether they create it themselves or outsource to someone else. If you’re building or planning to build custom software, or if you need help adjusting or maintaining existing and newly developed solutions, we can provide experienced developers to supplement your team.

We’re happy to play to the needs of your organization, and as such, we offer multiple levels of staff augmentation. Whether you need consistent support for a long-term project, part-time support for several non-time-critical projects, or consultants to advise on choices around upcoming projects, we can help.

Whether you’re relying on us for additional support and expertise or letting us handle the heavy lifting of development so you can focus on growing your company, our staff augmentation can help your organization reach new heights.

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Close the Gaps in Your Organization

In addition to broad industry experience, we bring strong communication skills to every team and project. Whether it’s navigating differences, breaking down technical expertise in layman’s terms, or just keeping everyone in the loop, we’re able to establish common points of reference, develop clear documentation, and listen and speak attentively to get your team the clearly articulated support it needs. In fact, augmenting your staff can help solve existing communication issues, get everyone on the same page, and get your project off the ground or keep it moving forward.

Experienced in both remote and on-site work, we’re also skilled in managing IT resources: local, onshore, nearshore, and offshore. While it’s a challenge to find, screen, and manage resources that may be many miles and even time zones away, our staff have the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle this aspect of your business so you can concentrate on other things.

Whatever you need, we’ll communicate clearly and adapt to your existing project management methodology to seamlessly support your team and projects.

In some cases, it may be more worth your while not to have a dedicated team member. If you need support for existing technologies, we can provide staff who will be easily reachable by phone or email, and who will respond promptly as needed.

Unidev can provide developers and IT staff to augment your team at the following levels:

  • Full-Time Dedicated (Long-Term)
  • Full-Time Dedicated (Short-Term)
  • Part-Time Dedicated
  • Consulting

Our Technology

We use a varied toolkit to integrate with your team and deliver the high-level support you need. That includes leveraging tools from Microsoft, Atlassian, and others; managing branches and pulls via Git code management with Bitbucket; tracking work and completion velocity through Jira; and using Microsoft Teams internally so our staff can get the resources they need from our organization to support yours. We offer several staff augmentation models and outsourcing options based on the needs of your specific project.

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Secure Remote Access Servers

Agile (TDD, Scrum) Process

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